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  • What is the Biblical perspective on war? Answer
  • Voting—Do Christians have an obligation to vote? Answer
  • Separation of Church and State—When did the government pass this law and where can it be found? Answer
  • Where should Christians draw the line in trying to make the U.S. a Christian nation? Answer
    There is a line a nation crosses in violating the free exercise of religion, as well as the freedom of conscience. In America, this “line” has shifted over the years. Where is it now?
  • Should Christians seek political power or should we only focus on evangelism? Answer
    In the often shady world of politics, it is usually the last place a Christian wants to be. But should Christians really be focused on seeking political office? Here are some thought-provoking reasons why Christ’s ambassadors should not shy away from being the public’s ambassadors in government.
  • Patriotism—Does being a Christian mean that I should be patriotic? Answer
  • Political Correctness—How important is it? Answer
  • What part should morality play in politics? Answer
  • Does character matter in political leaders? Answer
    The scandals surrounding America’s political leaders raise the question of whether character matters in a leader. This topic is dealt with from a Biblical and American historical point of view.
  • Does American government need the Ten Commandments anymore? Answer
    The Ten Commandments have become a hotly debated topic in America’s public spotlight. Here is a historical and current-events overlook concerning the most popular set of rules delivered by God over 3,000 years ago.
  • What role should the Bible and Christianity play in America? Answer
    It is often stated that there is a “separation of church and state,” disallowing Christianity from influencing our nation in matters of public interest. Is this type of censorship valid and beneficial to the United Sates?
  • What is legally permissible for students in America’s public schools? Answer
  • Is the religion of SECULAR HUMANISM being taught in public school classrooms? Answer


  • Charles Darwin—Was he a Christian? Did he believe in God? Did he recant evolutionism when he died? Answer
  • Nostradamus—Did he predict the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York? Answer
  • U.S. Postal Service—Is it trying to tax your e-mails to cover their losses? Answer
    Learn the truth about this popular e-mail hoax.
  • Procter & Gamble—Is it Satanic? Answer
    Another hoax that preyed among Christians.
  • Joshua’s “Long Day”—Have NASA computers really proven it? Answer
    Another hoax that preys on the naivety of some Christians.

Christian Living

What’s New
  • Gambling—Should Christians be involved with lotteries or other forms of gambling? Answer
    The Bible may not specifically forbid gambling, but God does give some guidelines by which Chrisitians should abide.
  • Smoking, gambling, etc—How can I decide whether a particular activity is wrong? Answer
    Is it wrong to socially drink, dance, smoke, etc.? Here are some guidelines that can help Christians young and old consider if they should be involved in certain activities.
  • Temptation—How can it be overcome? Answer
    High-tech and age-old temptation seems to lurk around every corner in today’s society. How can a Christian take control of his thoughts and actions and escape the path of destruction to which yielding to temptation can lead?
  • Persecuted church—Why and how should we pray for suffering Christians? Answer
    Insights and tips on effective prayer for those who are suffering for their faith.
  • What is “the unpardonable sin?” How does sin become “unforgivable?” Answer
  • The Environment—What is man’s responsibility? Answer
    How environmentally concerned should Christians be? How far should our “caretaker” role take us?
  • Cloning: Right or Wrong? Answer
  • Is the new morality acceptable in Christian conduct today? Answer
    The new morality (“situation ethics”): is it really new?

Racial Issues

Black and White. Photo copyrighted.See our large section on Racism, Racial Issues and Christianityquestion and answer index

Public Education

  • Are we living in a moral Stone Age? Answer
    Philosopher Christina Sommers charges that today’s young people are suffering from “cognitive moral confusion.” They not only have trouble distinguishing right from wrong—they question whether such standards even exist. The threat this moral relativism poses to society is greater than any external danger.
  • Religious expression—What is legally permissible for students in America’s public schools? Answer
    When it comes to expressing their Christian faith in schools, many students (and administrators) have been confused about the legalities. What can students legally do, and what are they prohibited from doing? (School prayer, the Bible in schools, Bible clubs, religious tracts, essays on religious themes, religious artwork, etc.) Our answer provides a handy list of dos and don’ts.
  • Is the religion of Secular Humanism being taught in public school classrooms? Answer
    Has religion truly been banished from our public schools? Or is the religion just changing forms, from belief in God to declarative belief in no God?

America’s Christian Heritage

  • U.S. Flag. Photo copyrighted.Was George Washington a Christian? Answer
    Much of today’s secular society in the United States seeks to prove that the founding fathers of this country were not, indeed, Christian. Here is a convincing look at Washington’s private spiritual life.
  • Thanksgiving Day—What is the origin of America’s annual celebration? (expanded) Answer
    Americans are urged to consider the true reason for Thanksgiving from the example set before us so many years ago by the Pilgrims and their devout religious faith in God. Also included is Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation.
  • Are YOU thankful to God? See what the Bible has to say about it. Post your thanks to encourage others. Go

Entertainment Media

  • Questions & Answers on Media EffectsWhat is being done to change the values of Hollywood? Answer
    Do you feel like the only thing you can do for Hollywood is condemn it? Thankfully, not all Christians feel this way. Find out what others are doing, and what you can do, to help change the values of the values-changers!
  • Entertainment Media—does it lead or follow society? Answer
    Over 6 hours a day are spent by the average American family either watching movies, television or videos. This has to affect the average American somehow. So who’s leading who?
  • Movie viewing—What Christian resources are available to help me choose good movies? Answer
    Ignorance is no longer an excuse! Learn where you can turn for honest, accurate information on today’s entertainment. Don’t miss this guide that gives you the ability to be a true leader in your family media entertainment.
  • Why does Hollywood continue to promote immoral programming? Answer
    Are Hollywood producers tantamount to evil ogres bent on destroying society as we know it? Suprisingly, you could be partially responsible for the decadence in today’s media.
  • TV viewing—Should I be concerned about our family’s viewing habits? Answer
    By the age of 6, the average American child will have spent more time watching television than he will spend speaking to his parents in an entire lifetime! Are you wasting opportunities to teach your children proper values—and to choose the good and reject the bad in their entertainment choices? The typical heads of families are not managing the “25-inch sewer pipe” into their home.
  • How does viewing violence on TV or movies affect the family? Answer
    How violent is your living room? Violence continues to escalate to staggering amounts in society today. Be sure you are reinforcing the right kind of messages in your home. What your children see on TV impacts how they look at the world.
  • How much TV is too much TV? Answer
    Many adults feel that TV won’t have a negative impact on their children, or on themselves. But what are the facts about today’s TV generation?
  • Movies for Therapy--What films do you suggest? Answer
    Films can open up dialogue and be therapeutic—helping people see issues, themselves, or others in a new light. Check out this unique list on 45 topics.
  • Harry PotterIs Harry Potter Harmless? Answer

Abortion / Pro-life

Click Here Explore one of God’s greatest miracles… LIFE. Learn the truth about fetal development, and more, with definitive answers on many pro-life/pro-choice arguments! A fresh scholarly approach on questions like “Is the unborn human less than human?”, “Doesn’t a woman have the right to control her own body?,” “Is abortion justifiable in case of rape or incest?,” and many more. GO

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