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Hebrew: אַכְזִיב —meaning: falsehood; deceptive

also known as: Achziv, Akzib, Az-Zīb, az-Zeeb, al-Zib and Tel Achziv

Tis is the name of 2 biblical cities.

  1. Achzib, a Phoenician city

    This Phoenician city (the Greek: Ecdippa) remained in Canaanite possession though assigned to the tribe of Asher (Joshua 19:29; Judges 1:31; Micah 1:14).

    also known as: Tel Achziv, Az-Zīb, Az-Zeeb, al-Zib, Acdippa, Kheziv and Gesiv

    It is identified with the modern Achziv, Israel (a.k.a. Achziv and es-Zib, on the Mediterranean, about 8 miles north of Accho.

    Archaeologists have uncovered a fortified Canaanite city here dating to the second millennium before Christ.

    Achziv archaeological site (tel/tell) and Israeli national park —satellite view
  2. Achzib, in Judah

    This Achzib is a town in the Shephelah, or plain country of Judah (Joshua 15:44).

    It is probably the same as Chezib of Genesis 38:5 = Ain Kezbeh.

Article Version: July 26, 2021