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Hebrew: ע —transliterations: ain, ayin or en —meaning: the bright open source, the eye of the landscape (that is, a pool of water seen in the land not fed by a stream)

A spring is the point where underground water (an aquifer) flows to the surface. Some are slow flowing and others vigorous cascades. Some springs are hidden beneath the pool of water they create, stirring the waters as they rise.

A spring is generally different than a well, which must be dug to reach the underground water.

Springs of the Bible

Many natural springs are mentioned in Scripture.

“Springs” mentioned in the King James Version of Joshua 10:40 (Hebrew: 'ashdoth) should rather be “slopes,” as it is translated in the Revised King James Version, NKJV, NASB, ESV, etc.

It refers to the “undulating ground lying between the lowlands (the shephelah) and the central range of hills.” (Matthew G. Easton)

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