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Meaning: meadow of dancing, or the dancing-meadow

also known as: 'Ain Helweh

Residents of this area were called Meholathites.

This is the name of the birthplace and residence of the prophet Elisha, not far from Beth-shean (1 Kings 4:12), in the tribe of Issachar, near where the Wady el-Maleh emerges into the valley of the Jordan, “the rich meadowland which extends about 4 miles south of Beth-shean; moist and luxuriant.”

Here Elisha was found at his plow by Elijah on his return up the Jordan valley from Horeb (1 Kings 19:16).

This town was where a man named Adriel lived. He married King Saul’s eldest daughter Merab, who the king had previously promised to David as a wife (as a reward) with the assumption that David would surely first be killed by the Philistines.

Residents of this area were called Meholathites.

Centuries later, this town was called 'Ain Helweh.

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