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also known as: Acco, Acre (current name), Acra, St. Jean d'Acre, and Ptolemais

Hebrew: עַכּוֹ —transliteration: Akko

Greek: Πτολεμαΐς —transliteration: Ptolemais

Meaning: sultry or sandy

This was the name of an ancient town and harbor of Phoenicia, in the tribe of Asher, but never acquired by them (Judges 1:31).

It was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans by the name of Ptolemais, from Ptolemy the king of Egypt, who rebuilt it about B.C. 100.

This seaport was midway midway between Tyre and Caesarea.

Here Paul landed on his last journey to Jerusalem (Acts 21:7).

During the crusades of the Middle Ages it was called Acra; and subsequently, having been occupied by the Knights Hospitallers of Jerusalem, it was called St. Jean d'Acre, or simply Acre.

Modern Acre, Israel —satellite view
Article Version: March 19, 2021