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Hebrew: אֲחִינֹעַם

Meaning: pleasant (literally: brother of pleasantness)

This is the name of 2 biblical women in the same time period.

  1. Ahinoam, the daughter of Ahimaaz, and wife of King Saul (1 Samuel 14:50).

    She was the mother of prince Jonathan, plus 3 other sons and 2 daughters. Her younger daughter Michal became David’s wife, but they were later alienated.

  2. Ahinoam, a Jezreelitess, a wife of David, whom he married after leaving his wife Michal (1 Samuel 25:43; 27:3)

    She was the mother of Amnon, David’s first-born (2 Samuel 3:2). (See 1 Samuel 30:5, 18; 2 Samuel 2:2.)

Article Version: March 22, 2018