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Hebrew: אַמְנוֹן —transliteration: Amnon —meaning: faithful

This was the name of two biblical men.

  1. Amnon, a son of Shimon (aka Shammai)

    Amnon’s father is Shimon, of the family of Ezrah. Amnon’s paternal grandparents are Mered and Princess Bithia.

    The sons of Shimon were Amnon and Rinnah, Benhanan and Tilon. … —1 Chronicles 4:20

    The sons of Ezrah were Jether, Mered, Epher and Jalon. (And these are the sons of Bithia the daughter of Pharaoh, whom Mered took) and she conceived and bore Miriam, Shammai and Ishbah the father of Eshtemoa. —1 Chr. 4:17

  2. Prince Amnon, eldest son of David

    King David is Amnon’s father, and his mother is David’s 3rd wife Ahinoam of Jezreel (1 Chronicles 3:1; 2 Samuel 3:2). Amnon was born in Hebron while David reigned over the Kingdom of Judah.

    As David’s firstborn son, Prince Amnon was the likely heir to his throne, however his sinful behavior ultimately led to his assassination. His half-brother Prince Absalom avenged his beautiful virgin sister Tamar 2 years later by causing Amnon to be put to death for his great crime of raping her and afterward treating her hatefully (2 Samuel 13:28-29).

    Tamar is the daughter of David and Maachah, a princess from Geshur and mother of Absalom.

    Brothers and half-brothers of Amnon:
    Chileab, also known as Daniel
    • Ithream—by Eglah (1 Chronicles 3:5; 2 Chronicles 3:3)
    Mephibosheth—orphaned son of Jonathan, adopted by David (2 Samuel 9:11)
    Nathan—by Bathshua (Bathsheba)
    • Nepheg (1 Chronicles 3:7
    Nogah (1 Chronicles 3:7
    Shephatiah—by Abital
    Shimea (1 Chronicles 3:5), also called Shammua (14:4)—by Bathshua (Bathsheba)
    Shobab—by Bathshua (Bathsheba)
    Solomon—by Bathshua (Bathsheba)
    • unnamed baby son—by Bathshua

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