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Meaning: heights

This was the name of several Biblical men.

  1. one of David's sons (2 Chronicles 11:18), although he is not included in David's genealogies

    His daughter Mahalath married King Rehoboam, son of King Solomon.

  2. one of the sons of Bela (1 Chronicles 7:7)

  3. a Merarite Levite (1 Chronicles 24:30)

  4. a Benjamite slinger who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chronicles 12:5)

  5. a Levitical musician under Heman his father (1 Chronicles 25:4)

  6. a ruler of Naphtali (1 Chronicles 27:19)

  7. a Levite who was one of the overseers of the temple offerings (2 Chronicles 31:13) in the reign of Hezekiah