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Hebrew: לְבָ֑לַע —transliteration: Bela'

also known as: Belah

This is the name of a biblical city and 3 men.

  1. Bela, a city on the shore of the Dead Sea, not far from Sodom, called also Zoar

    It was the only one of the 5 cities that was spared at Lot’s intercession (Genesis 19:20, 23). It is first mentioned in Genesis 14:2 and 8.

  2. Bela (Belah), the eldest son of Benjamin (Numbers 26:38; “Belah”—Genesis 46:21)

    He is a Benjamite, and his descendants are called Belaites.

  3. King Bela, the son of Beor, and a king of Edom (Genesis 36:32-33; 1 Chronicles 1:43)

  4. Bela, a son of Azaz (1 Chronicles 5:8)

Article Version: July 1, 2021