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chance in the Bible

The English word “chance” appears 4 times in the New American Standard Bible (NASB) and is translated from 4 different ancient words.

  • 1 Samuel 6:9 NASB —Hebrew: miqrehמִקְרֶה
    ESV: “coincidence”
  • 2 Samuel 1:6 NASB, ESV —Hebrew: qaraקָרָא
  • Ecclesiastes 9:11 NASB, ESV —Hebrew: pegaפֶגַע
  • Luke 10:31 NASB, ESV —Greek: sugkuria or sungkuriaσυγκυρίαν

What may appear to be random chance to mankind, may involve divine sovereignty and providence. For example, the meeting of Philip with the Ethiopian eunuch might appear to have been by chance, but it certainly was a meeting arranged by God (Acts 8:26-27).

There is no “chance” in God’s empire. “Chance” is only another word for our lack of knowledge about the way in which one event falls in with another.