Grain reduced to the form of meal is spoken of in the time of Abraham (Genesis 18:6). As baking was a daily necessity, grain was also ground daily at the mills (Jeremiah 25:10). The flour mingled with water was kneaded in kneading-troughs, and sometimes leaven (Exodus 12:34) was added and sometimes omitted (Genesis 19:3). The dough was then formed into thin cakes nine or ten inches [22.86 or 25.4 centimeters] in diameter and baked in the oven.

Fine flour was offered by the poor as a sin-offering (Leviticus 5:11-13), and also in connection with other sacrifices (Numbers 15:3-12; 28:7-29).

Author: Matthew G. Easton, with minor editing by Paul S. Taylor.

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