cooks in the Bible

A cook is a person employed to perform culinary service.

In early times among the Hebrews, cooking was performed by the mistress of the household (Genesis 18:2-6; Judges 6:19), and the process was very expeditiously performed (Genesis 27:3-4, 9-10). Professional cooks were afterwards employed (1 Samuel 8:13; 9:23).

Few animals, as a rule, were slaughtered (other than sacrifices), except for purposes of hospitality (Genesis 18:7; Luke 15:23).

The paschal lamb was roasted over a fire (Exodus 12:8-9; 2 Chronicles 35:13).

Cooking by boiling was the usual method adopted (Leviticus 8:31; Exodus 16:23).

No cooking took place on the Sabbath day (Exodus 35:3).

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