a vessel of metal or earthenware used in culinary operations; a cooking-pan or frying-pan frequently referred to in the Old Testament (Leviticus 2:5; 6:21; Numbers 11:8; 1 Samuel 2:14, etc.)

Note: There is also a false Greek god named Pan.

The “ash-pans” mentioned in Exodus 27:3 were made of copper, and were used in connection with the altar of burnt-offering.

The “iron pan” mentioned in Ezek. 4:3 (marginal note, “flat plate” or “slice”) was probably a mere plate of iron used for baking.

The “fire-pans” of Exodus 27:3 were fire-shovels used for taking up coals. The same Hebrew word is rendered “snuff-dishes” (25:38; 37:23) and “censers” (Leviticus 10:1; 16:12; Numbers 4:14, etc.). These were probably simply metal vessels employed for carrying burning embers from the brazen altar to the altar of incense.

The “frying-pan” mentioned in Leviticus 2:7; 7:9 was a pot for boiling.

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