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Hebrew: יוּבָ֑ל

Meaning: The original meaning of the pre-Flood name is unknown, but some guess “the ram.” The name has come to mean musician, music or jubilee.

Jubal is Lamech’s 2nd son by Adah, and a descendant of Adam’s 1st son Cain. He is mentioned only in Genesis 4:21.

Jubal was the inventor or master of 2 classes of musical instruments, and is called the father of all who play them.

  • “the harp” (Hebrew: kinnor, likely a harp of the lyre type)
  • wind instruments called in Hebrew וְעוּגָֽב׃ (transliterated: uggab), probably meaning flute or pipe. The King James Bible translated uggab as “the organ,” having in mind such reed instruments as a “mouth-organ” or Pan’s pipe.


  • Father: Lamech
  • Mother: Adah
  • Step-Mother: Zillah
  • Known Brothers (most are half-brothers): Jabal, Tubal-cain
  • Half-Sister: Naamah. Other sisters are not named or numbered in the Bible.


Article Version: September 28, 2017