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Hebrew: עָדָ֔ה —meaning: The original pre-Flood meaning is unknown, but Adah came to mean ornament, adorned, or gorgeously adorned.

also known as: ʿAda

This is the name of 2 biblical women; neither were Israelites. The name appears 8 times in Scripture.

  1. Adah, a noted pre-Flood woman

    She was the 1st of Lamech’s 2 wives, and the mother of both Jabal and Jubal (Genesis 4:19-20; 4:23).

    All were contemporary with the first man, Adam.

  2. Adah, a Hittite

    also known as: Bashemath

    She was the 1st of Esau’s 3 wives.

    She is a daughter of Elon the Hittite (Genesis 36:2, 4), and is also called Bashemath (Genesis 26:34).

    Adah’s most notable brother-in-law was Jacob (aka Israel—the father of the Israelites).

Article Version: July 9, 2021