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Passage of the “Reed Sea”

Actual Hebrew name of the sea crossed: יָםסוּף —transliteration: yam suph (“Sea of Reeds” or “Reed Sea”)

The name “Red” Sea, which appears in many Bible translations, seems to have come from the Greeks (Ερυθρὰ Θάλασσα —transliteration: Erythra Thalassa —meaning: “red sea”).

The Bible records the historical march of the Israelites from Egypt and eventually through the yam suph (translated as “Red Sea” in many Bibles). The crossing was a Divine miracle, and the account is given in Exodus 14:22-31. It is often referred to throughout Scripture.

There has been great diversity of opinion as to the precise place where this occurred, and the matter is not yet settled.

The true location will match all the events described. The crossing described in the Bible is clearly a MAJOR Divine miracle. Natural phenomena cannot account for all the details.

(See: Exodus)

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Article Version: March 12, 2019