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Dinosaur sculptor/expert: Buddy Davis
    Buddy Davis
  • dinosaur expert, participant in numerous dinosaur digs
  • veteran explorer of Mt. Ararat
  • curator for Answers in Genesis Creation Museum
  • recording artist touring with Answers in Genesis
  • dinosaur sculptor, artist, and owner of Wildlife Studios
Videographer/Outdoor expert: George Detwiler
    George Detwiler
  • most experienced outdoorsman of the five men
  • videographer/photographer for trip
  • science & math teacher, Calvary Christian School (presently)
  • science & math teacher, Urbana High School, 1965-1995
  • Master of Arts in Teaching for science teachers, Michigan State University
  • B.S. in chemistry, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

Outdoor equipment expert: Mike Liston
    Mike Liston
  • president of his own company specializing in outdoor and rescue gear
  • guides and trains groups in cave exploration and rappelling
  • Creationist speaker at churches and seminars
Medical/rafting expert: Dr. Dan Specht
    Dr. Dan Specht
  • experienced white water rafter and leader of numerous trips in West Virginia
  • private practice dentist in Columbus, Ohio
  • D.D.S. from Ohio State University (1961)
  • U.S. Army, Army Security Agency (1951-54)
Team leader/geologist: John Whitmore
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