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John Whitmore with dinosaur mandible
John Whitmore, team leader, showing what is believed to be the jawbone from a Lambeosaurus
Our discoveries included:
  • Possibly the largest dinosaur jawbone of any found in Alaska
  • The first time a Lambeosaurus (non-official identification) has been found in Alaska
  • Over 12 bags of dinosaur bones, some partially fossilized, some partially frozen (and potentially containing important collogen in the bones)

There is still much work and research that needs to be done with the bones that we found in Alaska.

Future needs include…

  1. A total chemical analysis of the bones. We will be looking for any original biomolecules that might remain in them.
  2. The description and publication of the large mandible that we discovered.
  3. Try to answer some of the questions raised by these bone finds. Are these bones a result of Noah’s flood, or separate incidents? Why were some petrified while others have very little mineral content present? When did these bones freeze and how long have they been frozen?
Some of the bones collected Scientific research is healthy as it helps us search for answers as we seek to defend our faith (I Peter 3:15). If we can find numerous biomolecules in the Alaskan bones, it may help us to show that these bones can’t realistically be 70 million years old. For instance, scientists from the University of Montana were surprised to find what might be the chemical remains of blood cells in the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Even the scientists admit the cells should have long ago disintegrated. The process of biochemical decay starts soon after death. Imagining how these molecules could stay preserved for millions and millions of years is difficult.

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