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Films for Christ

Paul S. Taylor Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Here is a brief summary of what Films for Christ is all about.

When my father founded this ministry back in 1959, film was the most effective way to reach audiences with dynamic, evangelistic audio-visual images. Hence our founding name, Films for Christ.

But, a lot has changed since then! People worldwide are increasingly turning to communications technologies as DVDs and “The Information Superhighway.”

This ongoing shift presents challenges, to be sure. But it is also providing incredible ministry opportunities! For that reason, we are developing new outreach tools. Among them, we developed a computer “screen saver” which is great both for Christians, and as a conversation-starting tool with non-Christians.

Yes, we still distribute motion pictures. But as you can see, we have become much more than a film ministry.

Please pray for us. We never cease to be amazed at how God uses the humble efforts of our small staff to touch lives all the way from Schenectady to Siberia. He sees that our videos are smuggled to remote areas of the world where the Gospel is forbidden. He arranges television transmissions in foreign nations. He makes it possible for us to donate thousands of videos to prisons and correctional institutions. And there's more! God is using our books, radio interviews, “Gospel bracelets,” public school ministry, and many foreign translations.

Our purpose:

  • The production of Christian and educational films and videos in English and other languages
  • The promotion of widespread showings of its film and video productions in America and other nations
  • Publication and distribution of evangelistic, educational, and Bible-teaching literature
  • Engaging in direct evangelism and education

Our ministry is especially active in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of trustworthy, relevant, historical and scientific evidence. We seek to encourage and assist other believers in Christ to do the same. We equip and encourage those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior to live in a way that reflects the character and lifestyle to which He calls his followers.

Thank you for your interest, and may God bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director

Films for Christ
PO Box 577
Frankfort KY 40602
Please send us your comments or questions.

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