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Dr. Wallen A note from the late Dr. Lowell Wallen, past-President of Films for Christ

Progress is defined as “advancement toward completion or further development.” Since I have been associated with this ministry for over 58 years, it is easy to look back and measure the progress made by the help of the Lord.

Beginning with motion pictures as our sole evangelization tool, the Lord led our organization to expand its outreach to meet the needs of the 21st century. Films, books, videos, printed study guides, and a highly successful and acclaimed Web site on the Internet—all reaching people of all ages everywhere. They proclaim the salvation message, refute the gross errors of evolutionary theorizing, and dispel the doubts of many who are searching for absolute truth. Supplemental ministry resources offered include theological journals on CD-ROM, Bible software, and many children's stories and videos, to name a few.

We thank our faithful friends and supporters who have enabled Films for Christ to advance toward new ministry opportunities. Today we minister to public schools, prisons, churches, families, and missionaries worldwide, plus millions on the Internet. We are deeply grateful for those who have caught the vision and the challenge to reach the world for Jesus Christ. We are excited about the future as we depend upon your continued prayers and financial help, and as we strive together and trust God for fulfilling the opportunities He gives us.

Your support is very important to the continuance of this ministry.

May you rejoice in the blessings and presence of the Lord as we press on together to honor and serve Him!

Dr. Lowell Wallen served Christ through this ministry since 1959 as an unpaid board member and volunteer.

EarthFilms for Christ…
an exciting, multi-faceted ministry focused on global outreach through highly COST-EFFECTIVE use of resources

How many organizations have been around for almost four decades? Not many. But for over 40 years, God has been pioneering and expanding worldwide evangelism and discipleship through Films for Christ, a non-profit ministry that began in Peoria, Illinois. Perhaps the most remarkable achievement has been the outstanding QUALITY and amazing COST-EFFECTIVENESS produced by this hardworking ministry.

Too many non-profit organizations end up spending a high percentage of donor dollars on things that aren't really ministry. Films for Christ follows a different path… Overhead has always been kept extraordinarily low (our first office/studio was in a dairy barn). Think about it, how many GLOBAL-outreach ministries do you know of that have:

NO fundraising department / NO advertising agencies NO hundreds of thousands of donor dollars spent on soliciting donations / and NO large staff (wages and benefits add up very quickly)
Of course, this unusually strong commitment to cost-effectiveness makes Films for Christ especially dependent on the Lord… prayerfully trusting that concerned Christians will support His faithful ministry—without which it cannot survive.


Low-cost is not what one usually thinks of with high-quality, but amazingly these two have always gone together at Films for Christ. God has indeed been working mightily. The accomplishments have been phenomenal!

  • Production of long-lived, award-winning motion pictures—with budgets that others called “ridiculously small”
  • Millions of souls reached in nations throughout the world through video distribution and NATIONWIDE broadcasts—all done at incredibly low-cost
  • Criminals won to Christ by the HUNDREDS—the result of an incredibly small investment
  • Award-winning outreach to millions through the Internet—achieved without spending mega-bucks
FFC Productions
Some of our productions
ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be (featuring Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith) / The Genesis Solution (featuring Ken Ham) / The World That Perished / The Great Dinosaur Mystery / The Illustrated ORIGINS Answer Book / Beloved Enemy / Creation Facts Screen Saver and more…

Since 1959, Films for Christ has been producing unique films and videos acclaimed for their exceptional quality—to work around the world. Motion pictures and the Internet are among the most powerful and cost-effective communication tools for effectively reaching large masses of people—and all the more crucial in the 21st century.

COST-EFFECTIVE outreach through videos, books and more…

Reaching souls in over 120 nations and 26 languages, our films, videos, books and software are being used in amazing ways.

Some exciting examples:

  • Prisoners by the thousands in every state are watching! Our videos, provided FREE to hundreds of correctional institutions, are inexpensively reaching lost souls in a captive environment! And our investment will continue to reap a harvest year after year in over 600 prisons. Wardens are even broadcasting straight into the cells—the only available channel!
  • Did you know FFC films have made history? Example: Ours were the first Creationist films ever to be broadcast nationally in a communist country
  • Incredibly, millions in the former Soviet Union have now seen HOURS of strong evidence against atheism and for Creation. (Making them more than knowledgeable than most people in America on this subject!) How? This eye-opening information was transmitted into their living rooms by their government—repeatedly!—using FFC videos.
  • CHINA—Great numbers of Chinese are being reached through FFC's ground-breaking Chinese videos—premiered to packed Chinese audiences in a prestigious space museum
  • RUSSIA—wonderfully, thousands of Russian pastors, public school teachers, and other leaders are using our Russian Creation evidence videos and book in their work—even in the public schools!
  • CHURCHES EVERYWHERE—FFC is reaching souls in almost every denomination! Large numbers regularly use FFC videos in their services, church library, Bible studies, etc.
  • PUBLIC SCHOOLS—providing unique, FREE showings to millions of public school students!
Languages served
Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Mandarin, Mongolian, Navajo, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, and Yugoslavian

Linking souls to ANSWERS in the Computer Age ChristianAnswers.Net—an amazing success

Paul Taylor A note from Films for Christ's Executive Director, Paul S. Taylor

Frankly, I fear that most of the Christians don't really understand why we are so excited about our on-line ministry. Many may not know enough about the Internet and home computers to fully comprehend the amazing things the Lord has been doing through FFC.

I wish I could sit down personally with each of you in front of a home computer screen and show you the beautifully-designed color pages, pictures and sounds continually produced in our office… and then supplied to computers all over the world… on demand (24 hrs. a day) .

The whole process is so simple that both children and senior citizens browse our pages for hours with ease. Many return weekly. We even provide background music to make the learning experience all the more pleasant.

Now, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world are finally receiving answers to their tough questions—questions about God, family, the accuracy of Scripture, Creation and much more. We are pouring out great amounts of valuable and accurate information—supplying it to a multitude of Americans (and approximately 200 other nationalities)—all supplied by FFC to all comers FREE OF CHARGE.

Computer This valuable knowledge is being put to use in personal evangelism, in homes, Sunday school classes, classrooms, Bible studies and a hundred other ways.


  • ChristianAnswers.Net offers thousands of documents, graphics and audio-visual files, plus the gospel in numerous languages. The site is translated into many languages.
  • Millions of files are accessed each month
Are you a FFC supporter? If so, then this is another God-given victory in which you have shared!—and will continue to share throughout eternity.

We need your help, now!
You and Films for Christ can be an effective team… teaching thousands each day about Gods truths. But, we desperately need the financial help of many more concerned Christians. Our funds are seriously depleted. Please consider whether the Lord wants you to support this ministry.

“You people have no idea what a powerful position you are in?…”
Victory in a Muslim nation

Do you have any idea how difficult it has been to evangelize people raised in Islamic culture? Missionaries feel fortunate to win a few souls in three or four years. The Muslim world has seemed nearly impenetrable.

But now, a breakthrough… using FFC's translated Creation videos… a startlingly simple solution is revealed…

When a missionary serving in Uzbekistan with Campus Crusade called today, he was excited, “You people have no idea what a powerful position you are in!” He is witness to amazing events. The Lord is moving mightily, using these videos to establish common ground with Muslims and open their eyes to Christ!

Incredibly, the “Islamic” government okayed the showing of FFC's ORIGINS series on national TV!!! Remember, these are CHRISTIAN movies. This is just unheard of in a Muslim-controlled nation. And the broadcasts have been repeated!

The effect has been “tremendous!”. The broadcasts have given Christianity and the Bible amazing new credibility in people's minds.

“Students are sharing the message of these programs with their dads. One Uzbek gal said that after her dad saw them, he eagerly read FFC's ORIGINS book… and then another book on Christianity. He wanted to find out if there really was a God.”

“Another student whose father is the leading cardiac surgeon in the country here, told his son that he now was willing to talk to him about Christianity. Ironically, this doctor was named after Charles Darwin!”

After decades and centuries of failure, the door to hearts has been opened with such an inexpensive tool. Finally, a way to effectively help Muslims find Christ! Doug's team is busy showing the videos far and wide… and sharing Christ with success!—following up on the amazing new openness in people's minds.

Please support ChristianAnswers.Net.

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