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“I have no words that will describe fully the amazing way in which this fantastic site has freed me. Having adhered to the ways of the atheists for years, I would have never believed that a few short months of visiting this site would have changed my life completely. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and your wonderful service, I am now a Christian. I have never been happier and can’t wait to go out and tell all of the love that the Lord has shown me. Please keep up your holy work. If it can convert me, it can do the same for others. I simply can’t thank you enough!”


YOUNG DRUG ADDICT AND ALCOHOLIC—“Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am 19 years old, and I have recently given my life back to Christ. I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and I just wanted to let other people my age know that this site is truly one of the best ones out there, and really if it weren’t for this site I probably would not even go on-line at all. To the creators of this site I would like to say thank you, your site truly is awesome!!!!”

Jennifer S., Chamblee, GA

“I have found this a really great help in solving some of my problems!”
Adam L., Sydney, Australia

YOUTH ISSUE ANSWERS—“I found your youth questions and answers extremely inspirational, it seemed they all related to some part in my life. Thank you!”
Ms. Helen K., Baltimore, MD

This has helped me get over the toughest times in the world! It has helped me get the strength to report my uncle for molesting me, It has helped me when I lost all faith in God, It has helped me when I tried suicide by being able to tell my Counselor who got me into Charter where I got help! Thanks and God BLess!
Jamie G., SD

CHILDREN’S PASTOR AND FATHER—“I am a children’s pastor here in the state of Michigan… What a blessing it is to find such a wonderful web site!!! I am thrilled to see the Kid Explorers, and my son wants to return time and time again. God bless you for your efforts and for creating a place for brothers and sisters of all ages to meet.”
Raymond Abbey, USA

OLD EARTH TO YOUNG EARTH—“For the past four years, I have worked with the young people of a church denomination which professes theistic evolution. Your site has helped me provide them with legitimate, scientific evidence for six-day creationism. By God’s grace, we are producing creationist after creationist, and they are really impacting their schools! (the science teacher doesn’t like me very much!)”
Becky M., Battle Creek, MI

A YOUNG MOTHER AND ASPIRING CHILDREN’S WRITER—“I just stumbled upon your site (along with several other sites) that are geared for Christian families and for teaching children. Being a Christian, a teacher, and a young mom of two, I am very pleased to see such great info on teaching children about Bible basics. I am also an aspiring writer of Christian Children’s Literature, and I really enjoyed the Kid Explorers site with the book A is for Adam. I hope to keep ‘surfing’ (as much as a mother of two can) and discover more of your great sites!”
Kim Hermonat, USA

COLLEGE FRESHMAN—“I am a freshman at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. I am a biology major, and I’m very interested in evolution/creationism. I just wanted to thank you for the articles you have available on the Internet. They are very informative and very helpful!”
Andrew J. Boyd, USA

NEW INSIGHTS—“I am only 14, and my Grandmother died not long ago. Before she died, she bought me a student bible. I knew she had made peace with God, and I know she is in Heaven. After she died, I had felt very alone and didn’t know where to turn to. Just this past week I have been thinking a lot about her, and I had stumbled along this website. After reading the creation of man, and reading of God's love, I now know that my Grandmother IS in Heaven, and I want to be a part of it. Thank you for having this site, and I cn’tt wait to talk to Jesus Christ about my love for him! Thank you!”
Betsy N., Sudbury, MA

“I just want to let you know that I like the idea of a coloring contest and I’m sure my kids will like it too. I will have my 3 youngest children enter the contest. Good idea to get kids thinking about God and His truth…”
Richard Kalk, USA

“…I am in charge of a church ministry to the youth of our community and plan on utilizing the Internet to teach…[Kid Explorers] will be a great blessing… Thank you for your ministry”
Rob Rehkemper, Hawaii, USA

“We liked visiting all your pages. We printed out all of the mazes, crossword puzzles, Find the Animals, and Word Finds (in Kid Explorers) and look forward to doing them later. We hope you keep adding things all the time. We like to visit.”
Stephanie Sims (age 10) and Nathan Probst (age 6), USA


NEW SWEDISH CHRISTIAN—“This site has given me answers I never thought could be answered. As a recently saved christian, I have had a lot of thoughts; mostly regarding my pre-christian life. Your answers helped me through very hard times, and I would really like to thank you all. May god be with you!”
Andreas Wistrm, Sweden

YOUTH PASTOR IN INDIA—“Thanks so much. The CYF and members at Bethesda Chapel here extend their warm greetings… as you bring forth His to the needy world. Your site has been a blessing to each one of us. And we visit it as often as we can. I have personally recommended it to many of my fellow believers and friends who are benefiting from your ministry. Keep up the good work.”
George M., CYF Cordinator, Frazer Town, Bangalore, INDIA

PHYSICALLY DISABLED, WORLD-FOCUSED—“Bless you! Me and my crippled wife, Janice have found your messages to be inspirational and given her the hope and faith to continue and persevere in her missions to aid the less fortunate children in the jungles of Malaysia.”
Jeronimo Horacio Colon

HUNGARIAN—“Great joy to find a great place for references. Our church has a Bible school here, and I have been struggling a bit about materials for non-Hungarian students on these issues. Guess what!? ChristianAnswers.Net has some great answers! Thank God and you for the Copyright
Kende Majoros, Hungary

VIETNAMESE—(Note: We provide some information on our site in Vietnamese.) “I work next to a nail salon, and I try to witness to them. They are Vietnamese and it is hard for us to communicate. I would love to get some Christian literature to give them, written in their language. …They worship Buddha. God bless and thank you for all your hard work!!!! I also work with the youth in my church, and find really biblical literature on this web-site. Praise God for all the hard work you do!!!!
Sherrie, Sparks, GA

CHRISTIAN IN SAUDI ARABIA—“Thanks for providing a way for me to worship the Lord while I’m in Saudi Arabia.”
Mr. D. S., Riyadh, Central Saudi Arabia

SPANISH—“This web site has been a great blessing, that’s why I’d like to volunteer for translation from English into Spanish… Many blessings in your service for our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Eva B., Nottingham, Great Britain

FINLAND—“…I must say that your representation on the net is extremely good, thank Jesus for that. I will sure send some of my friends to visit your page… thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!”
Christian Roland Backman, Finland

GERMAN—“I just discovered this wonderful WEB site, and I enjoy it very much! As I am German, I like the German pages in particular! Keep going with your good work, the Lord bless you.”
Reinhard Derksen, USA


SAVED—“I just became a SAVED Christian!!!! My life now has purpose!!!”
Malynda C., Logansport, IN

FROM A MOTHER WHO USED OUR KID EXPLORERS SITE TO LEAD HER CHILD TO CHRIST—“This morning my five year old asked Jesus into her heart. What a joy it was to pray with my little one the prayer of salvation. Thank you for making it so clear and explaining it so well.”
Dawn T.

FROM AN ACTIVE WITNESSER—“Thank you, thank you. God is so wonderful! I got into a conversation with this professor over the Internet. He was telling me, and then testing me, about the so-called two creations of Genesis. Until that time I had never heard of such a thing. I responded the best I could with one little book I had on the topic. However, this professor responded again with more in depth questions (like he is searching for ‘wisdom’). Well, I felt lost and confused and did not know where to turn. I needed answers right now, right away, right now—Christian answers to help me respond… I turned to the Internet and God lead me right to your site… How wonderful. Thank you very much. God bless your ministry.”
Patricia, lab manager

FINALLY FOUND ANSWERS AND IS GROWING—“I just wanted to thank you for providing me with a user-friendly way to end my searching and start my believing. Your web-site has provided me with so many answers to my long-lived questions. I truly believe you are doing God’s work, and that I my coming closer to Him is proof of this. I cannot thank you enough.”
Chris J., North Branch, MN

ACTIVE WITNESSES IN MORMON AREAS—“Thank you so much for this Web site—it is just what I need. I live in a highly Mormon populated area, and I needed a resource of information to use to help me be a stronger witness for God. You are truly an answer to prayer.”
Mrs. Gayle B.

FAMILY WITNESS—“…We’re making a notebook of all the articles for use in our family by those who don’t have Web access.”
Paul Elliott, Maryland, USA

CREATIONIST—“Just a quick note to say that your pages are great. I love the Lord and find Genesis to be the major stumbling block for many people 'seeking' faith in God.”
John, USA

COMPUTER-SAVVY EVANGELIST—“…Thank you sooooo much. I’m an evangelist at heart and all you provide has helped me in my apologetics. (I save all your articles on my zip disks) And use them sometimes when I discourse with others via the net. I pray that the Lord will continue to use you in his GREAT COMMISSION. God bless.”
Adam Naranjo, USA

ACTIVE CHRISTIAN STUDENT AND TEACHER—“I love the page! As a teen Sunday School teacher, youth group leader, and seminary student, the info is quite useful. As I witness to my family members, many of the questions they ask are the same one’s you answer. The clear, concise explanations are beneficial! Keep up the good work!!!!”
Steve Whicker, USA


PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER—“I am so glad I found your site on the web!!! I have found so many neat resources for my pre-schoolers and the pre-school class I have at church. Often, we make the plan of salvation so complicated. Your on-line products have helped my convey the truth simply to my children and their parents. Thank you.”
Cecilie M., Butler, PA

JOURNALIST AND WRITER—“As a Christian journalist and writer, I travel the ‘Christian Web’ daily, but this is the most useful and informative site I have come across to date. Please keep up the great work. This is a tremendous resource that I will highly recommend to my friends, associates and church family!”
Reggie B., Midland, NC

CHURCH LEADER IN ENGLAND—“Just a very brief thank you for your very valuable resource on the “Net.” I actually found you through a very general search on the Mormon Church and the J.W’s. I am speaking this Sunday at our church on the two above cults and how they compare to Biblical Christianity. Your information was just what I was looking… keep up the good work!”
John I., near Liverpool, England

USED IN BIBLE STUDIES—“This is a great web page. I have used some of your answers as some wonderful, thought provoking Bible Studies.”
Scott H., Carrollton, GA

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT—“It was nice to find your home page. Ken Ham, Wall Builders and Summit Ministries are great resources to those of us in Christian Schools. I’ll be checking back regularly. Thanks”
Mike Ely, USA

YOUTH PASTOR—“I thank you for this service. I am a Youth Minister who has some youth with many questions. I just thank God for this ministry. Thank you.”
John D. Berry, USA

KIDS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS—“I love your Web site. I teach a children’s class at church and they love all the word searches and activities. I would love to see more. Thanks, God bless.”
Doug P., Anderson, SC

KIDS BIBLE CLASS—“I would also like to tell you that you have been of great assistance to me in planning and teaching my mid-week bible class for 2-4 graders.”
Zack F., Groton, CT

LECTURER IN GREAT BRITAIN—“Thank you in the Name of our Precious Saviour for your amazing Web site/s. I need info for a forthcoming lecture and you have filled my cup to over-flowing. Thank you a thousand times. Let us go forward together in His Name.”
David R., Southport, Merseyside Great Britain

SPEAKER—“Just wanted to let you know your web site is FANTASTIC! I’m recommending it to everyone I speak to. I speak in churches and in local high schools (I work in one here) on creation-science. Keep up the good work!”
Ian J.

SUNDAY SCHOOL AND 8TH GRADE TEACHER—“I have enjoyed seeing all you have to offer, and will be able to use as I teach Sunday school, and my 8th grade science class. Thanks for all this wonderful information.”
Jackie Puz, USA

FROM A NEW HOMESCHOOLER—“I enjoyed your web site. I am homeschooling for the first time this year so am always looking for more catalogs and activities for our children.”
Mrs. Christine Stice, USA


YOUNG CHRISTIAN—“I was recently saved and I had a lot of questions that I really needed answers to. In college, I’m not always able to bet to church so this is a good way to get answers after I’ve done my bible study.”
Tonya M., Montevallo, AL

FAVORITE—“This is such an excellent site. I never expected to find something this helpful on the Internet. This is probably in my top five most visited pages, and every time I come here, I find out something new. Thank you so much. It’s nice to see there are some people who want to help others with their spiritual questions.”
Julie A., Salem, MO

FROM A REGULAR VISITOR—“This web page is great. It has answered many of the questions I had. The best thing you just don’t answer like other people, you give a biblical reference along with it.”
Erik C., Brooklyn, NY

FROM A FORMER AGNOSTIC—“Less than two months ago I was an agnostic. I met and worked with a woman who is a devout Christian and very open-mnded. As I am a very curious and inquisitive person, I proceeded to ask her… 'What about the dinosaurs… what about carbon-14 dating… what about starlight', and so on. She was not able to answer my questions, but she went to a Christian book store and bought [some books] for me. I have read two of the three and now look back in disbelief at how readily I accepted as FACT all the theories of evolution and old-Earth… I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for offering this site and its link. I have found many answers to my seemingly endless questions! Thanks again.”
Beno P., Portland, OR

“This very day in the afternoon I have a meeting with my son to explain more about doing God’s will and going to church with me. He told me he wasn’t even sure he beleived in any of it, which hurt me of course, so I have been looking for all the info I could get to help me prepare for this meeting. God obviously directed me to the right place. Thank You so much for having this site available. Its help to me is vast and I’m most grateful.”
Darrel C., Las Vegas, NV

“I really LOVE this site. It has helped me with numerous papers and debates, such as the one I am in now on creation vs. evolution. If I don’t know of an answer or am unclear, I ALWAYS come here to see if I can find it. Thanks for running a Great site!!”
Ms. Robin S., Dallas, TX

REFUTING PROGRESSIVE CREATION—"I really appreciate this website and I hope it helps to reach many people for Christ. One of my fellow Christian friends and I often discuss apologetic topics, especially the evolution/creation debate. I have been influenced greatly by alot of the work of the ICR and the CSF and have been excited about all of the scientific evidences that fit perfectly with the Bible. My friend had read a few books by Hugh Ross. So as you can imagine we had some heated debates, between Christians of course. I didn’t know much at all about Hugh Ross and the progressive creationist view and often talked in circles trying to explain why I did not agree. But then I stumbled onto this web page and found the discussion on Hugh Ross. I ordered the book by Van Bebber and Paul S Taylor and lent it to him. Through his reading of that book he has started to realize the compromise and misleading points that Dr. Ross holds dear too. Now we are starting to agree more and he is interested in learning more about the young Earth view and strict literal interpretations they hold dear to.
Kenny C., Auburn, AL

MAN IN NURSING HOME—“I’m in a nursing home, on a respirator and can not speak. Thank you so much for ChristianAnswers.Net. Every time I’m allowed to use my computer I tune it in. It’s a big help to me. My parents sent me to a boys Catholic high school from 1945 to 1949. The Franciscan Brothers there taught us teenagers that it was wrong for us to read the Bible for the stupid reason that we might misinterpret it. All the boys Catholic high schools taught the same thing, that’s why some Catholics don’t respect or believe the Bible, they would rather believe in purgatory. Thank you again for C.A.N. I hope you’re able to reach more Catholics.”
Edward K., Uniondale, NY

PRAISE—“Your online efforts on behalf of the Family of God are second to none, and it has been an honor to be on the same team. The Internet dynamics reveal an ever-changing world. The other side of the globe is at our fingertips. With ChristianAnswers.Net, we feel linked and in sync with the work of Christ through the broadest outreach ever known to man. We thank God for your work.”
Bill B. Suggs, Wallbuilders, Aledo, TX

ANSWERS IN GENESIS—“On behalf of all of us at Answers in Genesis, I wanted to thank you for the tremendous amount of sacrificial work you and others have put into maintaining the ChristianAnswers.Net Web site. I’m sure none of us realize how much personal sacrifice and financial commitment you and Films for Christ have made in regard to this venture. We are certainly thrilled to be a part of this whole project, and I wanted to thank you for your support in enabling us to be more creative and to have more flexibility in regard to our own Answers in Genesis section. May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to honor Him in using your talents to enable so many more to hear the wonderful message of truth in God’s Word.”
Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

ASSOCIATES FOR BIBLICAL RESEARCH—“After reviewing the statistics this morning, I am again moved at the vast amount of information you provide which will certainly aid us to direct the organization and use our limited resources wisely. In addition, as you have undoubtedly been told many times, CAN provides a blessing to many, many people. The feedback I receive after telling folks about CAN is extraordinary. Your organization encourages Christians in a unique and special way and ABR is delighted to be a small part of the excitement. Continued blessings on your ministry and work.”
Dr. David G. Hansen, President, Associates for Biblical Research

“It is about time that we (Christians) have a place to go to find answers to the questions that we are faced with every day!”
Steven De Bruyn, Canada

“I am a Christian working on a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and am often faced with difficult questions (of my own and from others). I found the material in your page to be VERY useful… God has just used it to reassure me in my faith…”
Rob Adams, USA

“I really appreciate the Archaeology information you put on the Web which provides such encouragement and evidence to the Biblical truth. We’re studying in the Book of Judges, and it’s great to read the evidence of the temple destruction and the photograph of the two pillars in the Dagon temple. I’m passing your address to the rest of the class so that they can browse this information as well. I praise the Lord for the work you’re doing.”
Linda Tsai, USA

“I was looking at sites exploring the origin of man and found a link to you. I had been looking for a Christian explanation to all the evolution theories and I couldn’t believe it when I found yours. Fantastic pages!!”
Ronald Holden, USA

“I have just started a degree course in biology, and this site is a great of encouragement as there is a lot of opposition to any suggestion of Biblical creationism on campus. The specific articles on certain topics have helped me to answer queries I was unsure how to answer, and I shall recommend your pages to a few other students who have been particularly inquisitive about creation. In each challenge, God provides a way through… I shall definitely be returning—many thanks.”
Kirsty Meadows, Great Britain

“Thank you for a great web site. The creationist material is excellent! I especially appreciate the fact that it is both timely and circumspect. Browsing it for the first time today found concise answers to questions I’ve discussed recently. Now I can follow up on them handily. Blessings to you!”
David Youtz, USA

“I would like to thank you very much for the ministry you are providing. Due to what I have read on Creation, I now firmly believe that God did indeed create the Earth and every thing in it in just 6 normal days. In January I am planning on presenting a Bible study at my church on creation.”
Ken Nitzel, USA

“Thank you for all of the great information! Thank you also for presenting your scripturally accurate arguments without watering-down the Bible. You have helped enlighten me on the finer points of why being a Christian is so cool! For that, I thank you with all my heart. God bless!”
Chris Bucklin, USA

“It’s fantastic to see such a quality site that smashes all denominational barriers. My only problem is so much information, such little time! It’s great stuff to discuss with fellow Christians AND non-Christians alike. Very well researched and best of all it’s BIBLICAL. May God richly bless you all.”
Peter Wiedermann, Australia

ANSWERS FOUND—“I love your site it has given me answers that I have never had the time to ask a minister.”
Mr. Tim K., Williamsville, New York

THANKS FOR QUICK RESPONSE—“Just a short note to thank [one of your staff members] for his quick and thorough response to my question the other day. I had asked help concerning the evolutionary claims about the coccyx—tail bone. This was just exactly what I needed. I have copied the material and will be passing it along to the young student. Again, thank you. May the Lord richly bless your ministry.”
Pastor Tim C.

“This is a fabulous resource. I have spent the whole morning looking at the various pages. I don’t normally read a great deal on the screen, but your articles were so well written, I read most of them completely through. Thank you for your ministry.”
Dale Pease, USA

“I’m so excited to find this. In one hour, I’ve already seen some of the toughest asked questions about Christianity answered.”
Stephen Abney, USA


“I am appalled that there are still people in the industrialized world that still believe that the Bible is more than wishful thinking. In a few years this fallacy will (I hope) go the way of the flat-landers and Nazis…”
Jim F., USA

“What a waste of time and resources on an abstract idea like 'god' that men invented.”
Remond V., Belgium

“Would everyone here please realize that 'Jesus Christ' did not exist? …Christ is a compilation of various legends and deities that were stolen from the cultures of the people that were demolished in the Crusades. …Prove to me that God exists, and I shall withdraw my opinion, but that won’t be happening. At least with Magick, you can prove it exists.”
Robert M.

“I just got done reading your topic of witchcraft, etc. …and this is one of the lines in there: 'God created us and therefore OWNS us. He has a right to set the rules for our lives.' …GOD has no control over us! …The bible has been RE-WRITTEN many times by many kings of old that wanted to control the population with fear… look it up… get a education on other religons like witchcraft because you are the type of people that is causing this nation to fall to its knees with ignorance and hate…. you cause this now fix it, because witchcraft was here long before Jesus and his Christian faith (your faith has been here for 2,000 years, witchcraft has been here for 25,000 years) (do the math). May the god and goddess bless you and your ignorance.”
a witch (anonymous)

“This is the funniest site that I have ever seen. Keep it up people. You still have millions of childrens' minds you have to fill with your lies. The day a public school shows these lies to my children I will remove them for home schooling…”
John S.

Read an encouraging message from our Director