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I love reading the reviews—it helps me make decisions on what to see. It's great to see an organization that still cares what people allow their families and themselves to see.
   —Daniel Young, USA

As a devout Christian, I often have trouble finding others with the same morals and beliefs that I hold dear to my heart. Finding your site today was overjoying. It reaffirms my faith in our beautiful God that someone goes to the trouble of sifting through the filth and sexual propaganda produced by the film industry. It has had obvious detrimental affects on our youth, and it's time we made some changes. Every little bit counts.

Often times, parents and others are unaware of the material included in critically acclaimed films and allow their children to see such films solely because of what the critics have published. Now, we Christians have something to turn to in making the final decision and weeding out violent and terrible acts. Thank you so very much for your efforts. They have not gone unnoticed.
   —Philip V.

I really appreciate and use your movie ratings. I am a mother of a 9 year old son. I find most of the movies offered “out there” suspect as far as their moral and spiritual impact from a Christian perspective is concerned. It really is nice (and crucial) that when my son says "Mom can we go see this movie?" I can say "I'll let you know".

Then I jump on your Website and see if it's ok. We've gotten to see a few good movies that I know we probably would have missed otherwise, and it meant a lot to my son.

Conversely, we have avoided some that I think I might have assumed would have been harmless had I not read the reviews on your website. Thank you and I pray God's continued blessing on your ministry.
   —Lorna B., North Carolina

I just want to say thank you so much for all your great movie reviews…our family uses it a lot to check out the movies and your reviews have stopped us many times from taking our boys to see them. The heart of a Christian loves Jesus and is equipped with the holy spirit to discern good from evil…you are all doing a wonderful job helping us parents discern the garbage that comes out of Hollywood!
   —I. Emery, Illinois

Thank you for your movie reviews. I always look up movies I think I would like to see and I appreciate reading the viewer comments. I especially like the fact that you tell why the movie is rated as it is and if it contains bad language and nudity. Thank you again for the Christian viewpoint.
   —Mary Kay Burns, Ohio

I really think you have a great site here. I come here all the time to read reviews. I like it because the reviews are honest. They don't twist around the elements of the movie to make the film sound better or worse than it actually is. I respect that a great deal. I also love the aspect of viewer comments. It's like you can read 10 different reviews of the same movie. It's very helpful.
   —Jason Eaken, age 16

I just stumbled upon your website and read your reviews… Let me just say, “WOW”! I am completely impressed with the depth of information and Christian insight you give to these reviews. As a father of young twins, I appreciate your “moral” ratings and hope other parents find your site as engaging as I have. My wife and I are going out this evening for our monthly date night, and catching a quality movie has now been made much easier. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.
   —David Riek, Florida

Thanks again for the chance to give input and help raise the level of discernment. May the Lord continue to bless your work in the 'world of the web'. ChristianSpotlight is such a blessing in all the darkness. I have gotten over 200 emails in the last 2 months thanking me for recommending your site. Now if we can figure out a way to hold studios and the MPA accountable.

The other movie review sites I have found don't compare to this one. I especially like the people's comments about the movies. This site sure has saved us lots of money and time. It is wonderful when I can go see a movie and not be blasted with violence, sex or taking of my Lord's name in vain. Thank you so much for a wonderful site.
   —Mrs. Tracy Jenkins

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping my family go to the movies with confidence. You have helped me and my children make wise choices in what we go to see.
   —Anne Nance

Thank you! What a great site… we have two teenage sons that are constantly asking to see the latest movies as soon as they are out. This does not give us a chance to check them out ourselves or ask friends if they have seen the particular show. Your site enables us to get info that the film critics don't seem to find important. Thanks again.
   —Karen Hubert

I am very thankful for this service because it tells me things about the movies that I cannot get from the newspaper or TV or anywhere else that I've found. Thanks again and may God Bless all of the dear people who are sacrificing their time for this valuable service.
   —John Banister, USA

Finally! What a pleasure to finally find a reliable Christian reference for my four daughters to review movies BEFORE I let them go see them! Thank you so much! A tremendous ministry. Its tough raising a family out here!
   —Dr. Phil Cusumano, M.D.

I would like to express my appreciation concerning your movie reviews on the Internet. I consult them before deciding to watch a movie. They reduce the chance that I see or hear material that I shouldn't see or hear. I especially appreciate the addition of other people's comments. They allow me to hear things from different points of view.
   —Mr. Hank van Bekkem, NETHERLANDS

I have found your movie reviews an indispensable resource when trying to decide which films to allow my teenagers to attend, especially in this brave new world where PG often means PG-13, and PG-13 often means R. I have also posted a handful of comments of my own, a number of which you have been kind enough to use. May God richly bless you in this vital work!
   —Mr. Stephen L. Carter, Connecticut

I am using your reviews on my youth bulletin board in the church hallway (so parents can see them). I post them alongside the USA Today's Movie Top Ten. We live in a small town with one theater so I also use your reviews for the movies showing in our theater. I have had it posted for a week now and already have had some very positive results! Thank you for your service to the church!
   —Steve Alberts, Minister to Students, Texas

I am a real film buff, but I'm not a Christian (nor, actually, even a monotheist—I think I'm best described as a moral scientist). However, I have started relying on your reviews more than any others to preview films from a cinematic standpoint, as well as for screening films for my 9 year old daughter. Your reviewers (especially for the leading reviews) are wonderfully thoughtful and balanced, and are also very sophisticated connoisseurs of true cinema.

I've come to really appreciate the level of moral criticism that the reviews contain (criticism in the examination of ideas sense of the word). We non-Christians (stupidly) tend to view devout Christians as, well, stick-in-the-mud conservatives; it's nice to see such direct evidence to the contrary.

Keep up the good work—you're helping to spread concepts like moral decency, thinking about the human condition, etc. in a way that is far, far more intelligent and persuasive than any other Christian forum I have seen, as well as just providing very good film criticism.
   —Ken Perrine

I was unexpectedly surprised with your site. Let me set the scene: I was sitting at my computer after a normal night of viewing and analyzing films in my home. I am an 18 year old self-proclaimed student of film and also a Christian.

…Upon seeing an Internet site called “Christian Spotlight on Movies” I went to it expecting to be soon laughing aloud at overly conservative, closed-minded reviews and fundamentalist propaganda. Instead, I found a site that gave honest reviews. It was not afraid to give cinematic credit to directors, actors, and screenwriters who put out undeniably good work. It also was able to objectively tell what you should expect to object to when entering the theater.

Instead of laughing at the reviews, a different kind of smile came across my face: the realization that a large group exists of Christians who can also look at the world and see it for what it is and what God has made it for. This is uncommon to say the least and your writers…deserve praise for fulfilling such a niche which may be opposed by the previously referred “zealots.” Excellent site with excellent writers.
   —Ryan Lang

I have to register my surprise. I am an atheist (sometimes envious) and came to your website in search of a cheap laugh at the voice of “Christian Intolerance.” I am stunned at the breadth of opinion that I have found. I have to congratulate the majority of your contributors for their insight into some of my favorite films and, though I found the odd comment that confirmed my prejudice, the majority confounded my view of Christianity in America today.
   —Nick Luthi . England

At first I thought that you guys were a bunch of conservative Christian hypocrites that I would e-mail to make fun of. But you surprised me… I specifically looked for a few titles and was surprised by what [kind of review] you gave them! …Kudos to [those] critics! It's great to see a Christian site using their heads and not their mouths. Sure, we came up short on a few flicks… However, these subtleties aside, I enjoyed surfing your site and shall keep you guys in mind for future movies.
   —Jerry Lauden, Deist (I don't believe in organized religion)

Just a note to let you know how much our family appreciates your website. We always check out [your review] before going to see or renting [a movie]. You are a blessing to us and our friends!
   —Bonnie Hachey

I just wanted to take time out to express my astonishment at your Web site's movie reviews. Truth be told, I was expecting heavy-handed, Jonathan Edwards-type rhetoric and looked at your site for a few laughs. As the page loaded, I waited expectantly to be told that I was going to Hell for enjoying films like the "Blair Witch Project", "13th Warrior", and "Apt Pupil". I was pleasantly surprised to find that these synopsis/reviews were incredibly in-depth, well-thought out, and well-written.

Thank-You! I love to watch movies IF they are worth watching! It is hard to find a movie that does not glorify sin (i.e., violence, lust, etc.). Now I have a way to know before I go! God Bless you and your work!
   —Mrs. Ventia Burchell, Tennessee

Thank you for your ministry. I use the movie review guide regularly. We appreciate it so much as it helps us save our time and money when looking for quality entertainment. I won't rent a movie or go to the theater until I check your movie review first. I keep a list of those movies in my purse so when we go to rent one, it has to be on my “approved” list after reviewing your site. Thanks again. I keep your ministry in prayer!
   —Sonia, Southern California

Your “Christian Spotlight on the Movies” site has been a continually trustworthy resource for what movies are acceptable material. I agree with almost all of your comments, and get your opinion before I rent a movie or go to the theatre. Thank you so much for providing this service.
   —Johannah T., Indiana

I'm a youth pastor and this information can be very valuable in helping our kids and parents have discernment in their entertainment choices.
   —Glen Schaumloeffel, USA

This is a very useful site. I never go to see a movie without first checking your movie reviews and your answer section assists me in teaching a Christian Living class to 10th graders at the high school where I am a guidance counsellor and teacher.
   —Mrs. Marie A. Reynolds, M.A., JAMAICA

I really appreciate this site. I have found the reviews to be very helpful and I have been made aware of many good movies which I would not have known about. Thank you so much for your hard work. God Bless!
   —Fernando Joy Velazquez Jr.

What a wonderful thing! As a young single adult, I often find myself in movies that are both uncomfortable and offensive to my faith and morals. I am thankful that I now know of a place that I can go to find out about movies before I go to rent one! Thanks again!
   —Stacey Shirley

Thank you very much for your excellent service on movie reviews. It's very useful and helps me a lot while choosing films for my College.
   —Rev. Fr. Sergio Tapia, Rome, Italy

I always check your “Christian Spotlight on the Movies” before seeing or talking about any film. I highly respect your ratings.
   —Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smith, Indiana

I really like your reviews! I love how you don't constantly bash every movie that comes out. Instead you give each movie a fair chance and really give a good picture of the movie so that we can decide about the value of the movie on our own. Thanks!
   —Mr. Eliot Landrum

I am so glad to have found this site. Now myself, my children and grandchildren do not have to be subjected to some very unexpected scenes that may be perfectly o.k. to the worlds view but not what God would have us viewing for the sake of our Christian walk and thought life. Thank you very much.
   —Mr. Kenin E. Burrows , Minnesota

This is an excellent site. Thank you for putting the time and effort into giving Christians a measuring stick to judge what may or may not be good to see at the movies. Kudos for a job well done.
   —Mr. Edward S. Budner Jr. , Pennsylvania

For years I have studied “Hollywood” and have been a media producer. Since I hate to see people throw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater, the only other alternative is responsibility in the media. When I look at my old DW Griffith and films produced during the “Golden Era,” and when I realize the powerful influence that films exert over today's generation, I can hardly realize how far society has slid since the church relinquished responsibility. You can imagine my joy to see your channel of blessing!
   —Paul Kealy, MediaExcellence

Fellow Pilgrim—Thanks for the service you provide at your movie review site. It helps my wife and I to avoid over exposure to evil and simply wasting of time watching lame films. Yours is a great site! Thanks again.
   —C. Williams, Michigan

I am very impressed to see a web-site that offers honest, up front opinions about the media that is available in our world. [Other professional reviewers] can review movies until they're blue in the face, but they will not tell me the things I want to know as far as what kind of a spiritual impact a move will leave on me and my family. I try to 'censor' movies to the best of my ability, and this web-site will make it much easier.
   —Jenifer Gathercole, USA

Great site! I will visit often. We really needed something like this. As a parent, we cannot always screen everything out there. And you already know how Hollywood rates itself! Christians know what to look and warn for! Thanks.
   —Rudy Rodriguez, Texas

I really enjoy this Web site. As a concerned parent it is great to find an honest review on current movies so I can determine whether I can let my kids go to the movies or keep them home.
   —Patti C., Kansas

I so appreciate your web page! We are not big movie-goers but enjoy renting videos as new movies are released. Your reviews will be quite helpful. Also, as the children get older (triplets age 10) and are invited to the theatre with friends, I want to have a reliable review in order to make viewing decisions. What a blessing you are!

I think this is a really valuable service to offer to Christians and families who want to find wholesome choices for their kids. We see so many movies that this can really help us ensure we are keeping our bodies as the temples of the Holy Spirit.
   —Robert Repke, USA

Glad to find your site. It's always very helpful to get Christian review of movies, but especially current ones, before they come up for viewing by our children. Keep up the good work!
   —M. L. Hancock, USA

I'm so thankful I found this site. Having teenaged daughters, I especially appreciate the availability of movie reviews from a Christian perspective!
   —Mr. & Mrs. Augie Caires, USA

Glad to find a resource with a Christian perspective on todays movies. It's very difficult to decide what to take the kids to. They SO want to see the popular stuff, but…
   —Gary Walsh, USA

Specific descriptions of scenes and content which violate Christian morals are a fantastic help for pre-screening movies--especially with teenaged children! We love your service!
   —Julia K. Eddy, USA

Thanks so much for providing this service. As a single parent, I don't often have the time or the funds to preview a movie before I can attend with my teenagers. I am also involved with our church's youth group and am always interested in good movies for outings for them. Thanks so much!
   —Diane Lanahan, USA

First time I've found this site and I'm thrilled. I'm a youth leader and see this as another way to keep in touch with my students as well as get excellent resources, etc.
   —Joyce Barrett, USA

Thanks for this incredible service! I will use it with my Resident Assistants to help them keep their girls informed as to what is wholesome to view and what is not. This will help us all in our discernment! Thank you so much for this service.
   —Joy Ruth Fagan, USA

I am the president of the Christian Interfellowship magazine publication at Rutgers University, and I see this site as a great ministry—thank you!
   —Jess Rivera, USA

A much needed resource for any Christian family. I am a leader of a Christ-centered teen residential care complex—and good reviews are absolutely necessary. Thank you.
   —Kenneth Z., Vermont

Your web site has been a helpful tool in both our Sunday School (youth and adult) as well as inspirational to me as an individual. Since I value your site I trust your judgement on reviews, especially in regards to what is acceptable for my teen age daughter.
   —Susan Charboneau, USA

Praise the Lord! What a great service. In Japan, the American movies are imported and readily available, but the rating is not told. This is an invaluable service to us. We are very eager to hear movie reviews. Thanks a bunch!
   —Buddy Brents, JAPAN

I am happy to find a site that helps me to choose movies I want to see with my children that don't make me ashamed.
   —Sandro Ribi, SWITZERLAND

I run a Christian radio station and this information will be very helpful. I am also a pastor and administrator of our Christian school. I can use the information. Thank you.
   —Alexander Minott, Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI

It's great that there is a site where reviews, from a Christian perspective can be accessed. It's also handy, here in Australia, because the movies are released in the USA earlier that they hit over here.
   —Lachlan Fuller, AUSTRALIA

Your Web site is an answer to prayer. Very often I will see a movie and be extremely disappointed because I did not know what it contained. I have been looking for movie review from a Christian outlook and here you are. Thanks!
   —Debi H., New York

I was very impressed with this site, and I would say to you keep up the good work. I heard about it from a friend and will ALWAYS look to this site before viewing a movie. Thanks and God bless."
   — Jennifer B., CANADA

Thank you also for you excellent service! I have used it many times to learn about the movies 'out there', to compile lists of movies to look for at the video store, and to learn which ones to avoid! I really appreciate all the time and effort it takes to maintain a site like yours, and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated!
   —Mrs. Erica B., Virginia

Praise God for your site! It is so frustrating as a young 23-year-old Christian male to find any movies that are o.k. by biblical standards… I had no idea your site existed until one night after becoming upset yet again at the content of today's movies, I decided to check the Internet for any Christian movie reviews and voila! Thanks again!
   —Jonathan Z., Ontario, Canada

Yeah Spotlight! Thanks so much! Your service is extremely helpful in discerning whether the movies are worth seeing.
   —Julie L., Illinois

My wife and I have truly enjoyed the movie/video review that your ministry provides. We have found it to be very helpful in guarding our eyes and minds against the filth that comes out of much of Hollywood.
   —Mr. & Mrs. David B.

I am very glad to have located you. Now I will be able to make a better informed choice when I go to the movies.
   —Margarita Villarreal, USA

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