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Your students can join the millions that have viewed our free educational videos in public schools. Subjects include Creation/Evolution, morality, religion, and America's moral foundations (see list).

We provide the following FREE to public schools:

A teacher writes:
I received the 6 part ORIGINS tapes that you sent me. I am writing to say thank you for giving them to me as a trust to use wisely. …For many years now, almost every year, I have shown the series to all my science classes. They tie into my lectures perfectly, since most of the topics in the films are covered in my classes as well. There has been a steady stream of people, not overwhelming numbers, but a consistent handful here and there that expressed gratitude for the series—many of these come months, sometimes years later to express this. They discuss it, and the effect on their lives. One fellow even did a senior paper on the subject of origins. I'm grateful for these material you have provided.
Free video policy…

Free loan only to public elementary, junior and senior high schools in the United States (including the USVI, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. If after seeing the videos, you want to continue showing them long-term, we will donate them to you for school use.

How to place your request…

Tell us the title of the video you want to show, and the date on which you want to show it. Free loan request must be made by a teacher, principal, or school administrator on school stationery.

Send to:
Eden Communications, PO Box 577, Frankfort KY 40602, USA
  • Borrower pays return postage.
  • Return video the day after scheduled showing date(s).
  • Permission available for closed-circuit TV or broadcast (write us).
  • All videos are available for purchase.

Schoolbus Why are these videos only free to secular, public schools?
Our free public school loan program is a special service undertaken at considerable expense. We cannot currently afford to further extend this program to other types of schools.
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recommended DVDs and books, including such subjects as sex, dating, Christianity, and much more

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