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Ways to share your faith.

CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES to do volunteer evangelism and discipleship

E-mail responses to seekers


We provide individual seekers to you from time to time by e-mail, including their issue(s) of concern. You e-mail them a personal response.

ChristianAnswers.Net is looking for mature Christian men and women with strong knowledgge of God’s Word to respond by e-mail to seekers. Provide biblical knowledge and guidance to people who truly want you to contact them. Easy to do from home (or anywhere), at your convenience! (Must be at least 21 years of age.)

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Contribute movie reviews with real purpose and potential eternal results

Mature Christians, become more fruitful! Your help is needed in our high traffic Christian Spotlight ministry.

Are you a good communicator and student of the Word with a desire to evangelize and disciple souls? That is the primary goal of our movie reviews. If you have a gift for Biblical wisdom and discernment, and are a Bible believer with a life devoted to following Christ, your help is needed in writing movie reviews with the goal of moving people’s attention to important spiritual and Biblical issues that will change their lives. Help continue and improve this effective ministry successfully reaching millions.

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Mentor a prisoner

Crossroad Prison Ministries is looking for help.
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