The Bible isn’t like any other book in the whole world!

How many books have you read?

AnimationThe Bible is very different from all of them.
  • The Bible is very old, it was written over a time period of approximately 1,500 years!
  • While it is very old, the Bible is still relevant for today.
  • It is the most widely read book ever, the all-time Best Selling Book!
  • Many people, and several governments, have attempted to keep people from reading the Bible, but the results are always the same…
  • The Bible is the most loved book of all time.
  • There are more translations of the Bible into different languages than any other book.
  • There are more old, handwritten copies of the Bible still in existence than any other old writing.

Do you know how the books of the Bible are organized?

  • 66The Bible is split into 66 smaller books. The Old Testament (time before the birth of Jesus Christ) contains 39 books, The New Testament (the time after the birth of Jesus Christ) contains 27 books, 39+27=66.
  • Every form of literature is represented someplace in the Bible (stories, songs, allegories, poetry, prose and more)