Sex, Love and Relationships
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Sex, Love and Relationships


—by an anonymous female, age 22

I will fight this to the end…

I am a female who struggles with masturbation and it is the grace of God that I can even type these words. It is so painfully embarrassing.

I have never seen a story about females struggling with masturbation. I pray that every girl who lives with this pain will find some way to know they are not alone and Jesus will help them heal!

I want to claim God’s healing power, mercy and forgiveness in my life. I may fail but He does not!

He truly never leaves, never forsakes and ALWAYS forgives.
He gives me power to overcome the tempter.
He gives me joy that no one can take away.
He is my Rock and my Salvation!
I will fight this to the end, knowing I will have victory in Christ Jesus!

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