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Healing Through Sharing

—by an Anonymous Female, age 40s

“I appreciated reading Sharon’s story and couldn’t agree more that women also are struggling with sexual addictions. Her story encouraged me to share some of my own.”

My own exposure to pornography as a young person greatly affected me personally as a single and later on in my marriage as well. I’m not sure if the affect was greater because some of the porn belonged to my father. There was also some abuse attempts made and although I did not think they were a problem at the time they may also have had some affect.

At some point after I was married I decided to keep a high accountability with my husband to cut out sinful practices, however, I found that accountability alone did not free me and I continued to be often mentally tormented/tempted etc. Eventually I shared quite detailed with a friend and that seemed to set me free to a large extent. I wish I had gotten the help many years ago so that my marriage would have been richer. My husband and I have enjoyed a much better relationship once I got past the passive/denial state of my condition and dealt with it.

I would encourage anyone struggling in this area that there is freedom and it starts with honestly sharing your need with a TRUSTED councillor or very confidential friend. Even taking an opportunity to share in a manner such as this can be very helpful because it helps the writer to think through what has happened and that breaks denial.

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Sex, Love & Relationships