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Broken by My Husband’s Infidelity

—by an Anonymous Female, age 42

I’ve been married to this man for 15 years. And last year, I found out that not only was he having one affair, but had 3 affairs just that year.

Diamond ring. Illustration copyrighted.Porn magazines are a big thing on his job. Being a Christian wife and mother, I was not exciting enough for him. I was what he wanted for his children, but was not what he wanted in the bedroom. It has almost destroyed me at times and has left me having no respect for this man. His children have lost respect for him. Even though he has begged me to stay and has attempted to change, I have continually found pornographic pictures hid in his vehicles. He bought these women diamonds, necklaces, dinners at romantic places, and even set them up in apartments, while me and the children were having to live off of credit cards because he never would give me much money and would give excuses for his checks being less than normal.

It is as close to a death as it gets. He never talks, acts like the most miserable man I’ve ever known and seems so angry at the world. But he will leave the room or wherever he is at if anyone begins to talk about the Lord or church. It is at the point that I can’t even stand to be around him because of the pain he has brought in our home. And this is one of the greatest pains in a marriage. It is as close to a death as it gets. And in this case, I believe that I could have accepted his death much better than I could have accepted this.

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