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I am so heart sick and broken in spirit that all I can do now is get through the days.

No One Would Ever Believe This

by Emily, age 40

It’s becoming obvious to me too that I am married to a sex addict. It is breaking my heart completely. I have three children who want to know why they never see their father. He was recently promoted into a traveling job…he is away at least five nights a week. Through some investigating I have discovered he has a “girlfriend” in the new city we moved to for this job… For over the ten years we were married I wondered why he had no sexual interest in me. Yet, he traveled with condoms in his briefcase, ordered Viagra over the Internet, and recently I found some porn videos and magazines stashed away. He has “no idea” of where they came from.

What is really odd is that no one in the world—myself included—would ever have believed this. This is a kind hearted man who adores his children. He is admired at work and I am often told how “lucky” I am to have such a wonderful, good-hearted husband. I truly had no clue when I married him.

I have to try now to get back to our old city and start over with three children. I am alone all the time anyway. I am so heart sick and broken in spirit that all I can do now is get through the days. I am not helping my children by being so depressed.

My husband is not available to them anymore anyway except when it is utterly convenient. We will get counseling and survive this though, somehow.

Thanks for reading this. I feel so alone with no one to talk to.

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