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I Thought He Was Innocent

by Patricia, age 50

It is now 10 weeks since I discovered my husband’s visits to brothels. After 7 years of marriage I thought I could stand by him through anything—but not this. Unfortunately his symptoms of sexual addiction were there when I first met him 8 years ago—but I just couldn’t see—e.g. he used to tell me he was feeling like sex all the time.

Three years ago he lost his job through sexual harassment charges—I believed he was innocent, bailed him out, sat by him in court and paid his legal expenses!

A year later I discovered that he had been borrowing my mobile phone to ring sex hotlines. I still believed his innocence—he used to tell me that the phone company has made a mistake on my bill and would set up a “false call” with the phone company to prove his innocence.

After 2 years of living in “deception” and the day before my 50th birthday (and he is 14 years younger to top off the insult on that day) I was checking my phone bill and found some more strange numbers…

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