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Twice Shamed

—by Catina, age 34

My first mistake was marrying a non-Christian. I asked the Lord to please stop this marriage if it was wrong, but nothing stopped it and we got married.

For the first 7 tears of our marriage, pornography and “friendships” with women continued on until I could no longer take it. Shocked by how far my husband’s “addiction” had gone, I was appalled. I ran back to the Lord in tears and he was there to comfort me. My husband and I started a new life in Christ together this time and all seemed well.

Five years later he’s caught looking at pornography again on the Internet… I’m now lost and confused and wondering if there’s anything biblical that says I can leave this man? He hasn’t been caught “sleeping around” but who really knows? I only know what he’s been caught at. I’m left to trust a dishonest man who utterly broke my heart.

How can I ever be happy in my marriage? How can I ever be proud of this man again? Twice shamed…left to live a life of despair and heartache. If anyone can avoid it please, don’t ever, ever get together with a man once addicted or even a non-Christian. (Non-Christians are not taught this is wrong.)

I’m pleading for you not to go down this evil path…

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