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The Chats I Love/Hate

—by Frustrated and looking for a way out (male), age 18
Chatting on the computer. Illustration copyrighted. This man is just a model and not related to any stories on this site.

I too have unfortunately fallen into the web of pornography… more along the lines of sexual chat rooms than anything else. More or less it consumes me when I am depressed, confused and upset more than anything else. I pray night in and night out that I am able to just not go back to those chat rooms or just not go to those graphic web sites anymore. I have tried taking an approach by going one day at a time, but that doesn’t always work.

I can’t tell my family or anyone else I know because it is not their fight but mine, and on top of that I feel I owe it to myself to do this. I got myself into it, and I can get out of it as well. After being involved in any type of pornographic event I feel empty inside, that I am a piece of garbage basically. That feeling is just unbearable, especially knowing that I have loving friends and a caring girlfriend who are more than anything pornography has to offer. I simply need the Grace of God to help me through this.

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