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I Can Do All Things Through Christ

—by anonymous male, age 20s

It all started at a very early age, probably 8 or 9. My neighbor was a few years older than me and his father received many subscriptions of pornographic nature. My friend and I would go to his attic and look at these magazines. I found myself searching for any opportunity to continue with my pornographic addictions.

A few years later, I gave my heart and life to Christ. I was free from every chain of sin; for a while. I found myself spending a good amount of time in my teen years searching for opportunities to indulge myself into pornography and masturbation. Although I tried to tell myself it was OK and just a way for a single guy to relieve himself, I found myself doing it secretly. I would soon begin to hate myself immediately after and I would find that Satan would whisper to me that God would not forgive me and that there are limits to His grace. I would listen most of the time. This continued for many years.

I am married now and, although I still falter, I have found that God’s grace is sufficient for me. My wife is a wonderful lady and a great help to my ministry. Yes, I am a minister. Yes, I continue to struggle. The advent of the Internet has not made things any easier. It may take a while, but I see deliverance in the future.

“I can do all things through Christ which strentheneth me.”

Pray for me.

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Sex, Love & Relationships