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Sex, Love and Relationships

At the Click of a Mouse

—by an Anonymous Male, age 21

I’m a college student and I suffer from an Internet porn addiction. I am not the only one who has this addiction: there are several other students I know of addicted to this garbage.

I think it is time for Christians to address this social problem. Today, more and more people have access to the Internet. The Internet can be a useful tool, or it can be a “tool of Satan.” More and more people are using the Internet as a tool of Satan.

Computer mouse. Illustration copyrighted.
  • At the click of a mouse someone can view thousands of pornographic images.

  • At the click of a mouse people can enter a world of darkness, sin, and deceit.

  • A

    t the click of a mouse lives can be damaged, reputations can go to hell, and people can lose their jobs.

  • At the click of a mouse people can be desensitized, families can be ruined, and good men can fall.

  • At the click of a mouse Christians can stray away from God, hearts can harden, pastors can be made into perverts, and relationships can be ruined.

  • At the click of a mouse academic careers can be ruined, addictions can escalate, and people can waste their lives.

  • At the click of a mouse Christians can slowly be led to Satan’s road of deceit, destruction, and death.

I believe that Christians have to confront this problem. Christians have to reach out to porn addicts. I myself am a porn addict. I am struggling to overcome this addiction. on my own I am weak. However, I shall call upon the Lord, Jesus Christ, to lift me out of this dark hall. I struggle every day. however, I know that I am not alone. I also know that I can overcome this addiction with the help of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah 33:3 says,

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” (NKJV)

I believe that one day God will give me the strength to overcome this addiction. I believe that God will use me as a humble servant to help other porn addicts.

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