Do cavemen fit with the Bible?

an opening to a cave

view from inside a cave, looking out

Do I believe in “cavemen?” I sure do. Cavemen are just men who live in caves. There are real live cavemen that live in Australia today. At the town of Coober Pedy where it's so hot, people live under ground, instead of on top, and they have TV sets in their houses. Real live cavemen with TV sets!

You see, there have been many times in the past when people have lived in caves. You could imagine that after the event of the Tower of Babel, people spread out over the Earth, and some of them would have gone and lived in caves. Because people have been so indoctrinated by evolution, they tend to think that because someone lived in a cave, they were primitive—they were not as advanced as us or something like that.

Actually, it is interesting to look at the cave paintings of some of the people that lived in the past, like Cro Magnon man. Now, I certainly couldn't draw paintings as good as they have done. They showed people with their clothes and hats on. They were exquisite paintings. You see, these people were obviously highly intelligent and were not “ape men.” Just because they live in a cave, doesn't mean they were primitive.

Do cavemen fit with the Bible? The answer is in Genesis. All people descended from Adam and Eve, even those people who lived in caves!

Author: Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Text Copyright © 1995, Answers in Genesis, All Rights Reserved

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