Will my mentally handicapped sister go to heaven?

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I have a handicapped sister. She can't talk, walk, see good, and she's in a wheel chair. She has OK hearing. My sister's name is Sheena. The doctors say she has the brain of a six-month-old, even though she's ten. My question is, will my sister go to heaven or hell? I don't know if she's at the age of accountability. Please inform me if possible.


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Before I say anything else, Natasha, let me say this: God loves Sheena very, very much.

And He loves you, too. I'm certain He put you in Sheena's life because He knew you would be so caring and kind to your sister. It's clear to me that you love your sister deeply, or you would not be concerned whether she's going to heaven or hell.

Your question is a rather common one, asked by a lot of people. In fact, even a lot of teenage girls ask the same question, but about a very different situation. …After aborting their child, they become guilt-ridden and wonder if their unborn child will go to heaven.

I'm certainly not comparing you to them, Natasha, but I believe God loves those unborn children just as He loves Sheena.

And here's my answer, Natasha: I believe your sister will go to heaven. Remember that Jesus Christ, the son of God, suffered so much while on this Earth. Sheena has suffered, too. And God, just as He was to Jesus, will be merciful to Sheena. He is a fair God.

Christ suffered… He let God, the One who judges rightly take care of him (I Peter 2:23).

Sheena may never reach any kind of situation mentally where she can make a decision for Christ. And God will not hold her accountable when she can't mentally understand her own condition.

But here's the most exciting part of all, Natasha. When you and Sheena get to heaven someday, you'll get new bodies! Perfect, glorious bodies! Bodies like Jesus Christ! Wow!

This is what the Bible says about heaven:

Then the blind people will see again, and the deaf will hear. Crippled people will jump like the deer, and those who can't talk now will shout with joy (Isaiah 35:5,6).

He (God) will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain, because all the old ways are gone (Revelation 21:4).

Natasha, you and Sheena are gonna love heaven!

Author: Dawson McAllister of Dawson McAllister Live!

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