How can you know when you've found the “right person” that God has set apart for you to marry?

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Anytime we are about trying to understand or find out God's will for our life, we can look primarily at three criteria, or tests. These tests also apply to your “search” for the one that God has set apart for you.

  1. Time alone with God, through Bible study and prayer (Psalm 119:105; James 1:5-8). If what we are thinking about doing conflicts with the Word of God, we should not do it. These two things are absolutely necessary to keeping the communication lines open between God and us. When we are doing God's will, we will have a peace about it that we simply do not understand (Philippians 4:6-7).
  2. Other mature Christians (Proverbs 12:15). We can seek the guidance and wisdom of those Christians that we respect. In our “search” for the one that God has set apart for us, there should be other people involved in the decision. If nothing else, they should be praying. Seek the advice of godly people, particularly your parents.
  3. Circumstances. We cannot rely solely on our circumstances any more than we can rely solely on our own feelings in determining the will of God. Yet there are times when God shows his will through our circumstances. However, these circumstances would be better seen as a confirmation of God's will, rather than a revelation of it. Many times, things will just come together. This does not automatically mean this is God's will, but it should be carefully considered (Genesis 24:14-21).

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