Does Christian rock music please the Lord? Is any style of Christian music valid as long as it glorifies the Lord?

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Just because music is labeled as “Christian”, does not necessarily mean that it is good. Just because music is labeled as “secular”, does not necessarily mean that it is bad. There are two fundamental elements of music: 1) there is the actual music, the arrangement of the notes and final sound that is made, 2) there are lyrics, or words. Both components must glorify God (1st Corinthians 10:31). I believe that this includes doing those things with the right attitude, or mind set.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow or deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and basic principals of this world rather that on Christ. (Colossians 2:8)

THE LYRICS: First, the words of a song must not go against what the Bible teaches. Christian singers/songwriters are basically evangelists that use the medium of music to deliver their message. Just as some preachers and teachers are not being faithful to the Scriptures, some “Christian” artists are not giving an accurate account of what Scripture teaches. Some of their songs are nothing more than opinions that have not been based on God's Word (the Bible). The only way that we can be sure that what they are saying is correct, is to become students of Scripture as well. Being committed to checking out what we hear (Acts 17:11). Second, the overall message, or theme of the song must be in line with things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. These are our basic themes for thought (Philippians 4:8-9).

…and do not give the devil a foothold. (Ephesians 4:27)

MUSIC: Music elicits many emotions. These emotions sometimes bring about certain responses. I suppose that this was a factor in Andrew Fletcher's statement, "Let me write the songs of a generation, I do not care who writes its laws". Whatever music we are inclined to listen to, it must not bring forth emotions such as ungodly anger, that “do not bring about the righteousness that God desires” (James 1:19-20). The effects of certain types of music on different people may vary greatly. What brings forth anger and resentment in one person, might not another. Because of this, each person must pray about and decide for themselves what styles of music they allow themselves to listen to. Honesty with oneself is essential here. Only you and God know what areas you struggle with. If you do not struggle with these things, be sure not to be a “stumbling block” for someone else, and if you do struggle with this, don't be a “stumbling block” for someone else by telling them what they can and cannot listen to (1st Corinthians 8:9).

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