Reviewed on PC


Reviewed By: Carole Stewart McDonnell

Computer Platform: PC, MAC
Produced by: Living Books
Price Range: $10-20
Learning curve time: 10 min.
Age level: 3-7
System Requirements: min. 486SX, Win 3.x, 8mb RAM, 2x CD, SVGA 640x480, 256 color video card, sound card, mouse | Mac 7.0, 7.5 and Power Mac, IIci, LCIII, Performa 400, or higher, 8mb RAM, CD-ROM, 256-color monitor

Genre: Children/Family
Christian Rating: 5 of 5
   (nothing offensive)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 5 of 5
Adult Content: 5 of 5

Green Eggs and Ham.  Illustration copyrighted.

A child who loves the Doctor Seuss books and video will like this game. It is sprinkled throughout with songs and mini-games and it seems that almost every word is a link that will help the curious child discover the world of rhymes and rhyming. The child may choose to simply listen to the CD or he may decide to play along.

Screen Capture from 'Green Eggs and Ham' The story is about someone who dislikes something without having experienced it. The un-named detester of green eggs and ham is followed about town by Sam-I-am. And, in the rain, on the train, in a box, by a fox, Sam endeavors to open his grouchy friend's mind. In the end, the mind of the hater of green eggs and ham is opened and he realizes --once he tastes those green eggs and that slab of green ham-- that he really does like green eggs and ham. Like many of Dr Seuss' stories, this is about prejudice and close-mindedness. But it also teaches.

In this case, it teaches children about prepositions and location and the notion of here, there, anywhere. Like other Living Books CD-ROMS (Dr. Seuss's "A, B, C's" and 'The Cat in the Hat"), a child gets a little lesson in language while having fun with a book that is already a favorite.

The Word of God says God is not a respecter of persons, that is God is not prejudice This is a good start for telling children that it isn't right to hate something without giving it a chance.

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