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Clock Tower 3
Dragon Quest 8 Fire Emblem
Streaming video— 
“You will NOT believe how Satanic this new video game is”
This game was released August 11, 2022
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 14 minutes

Our Mission

Christian Spotlight's Guide to Games exists to assist gamers and parents in making wise decisions in their choice of electronic games. Many games contain objectionable material, behavior and attitudes. Although some game companies provide a simple rating system, it is not based on a Christian worldview.

This site is a nonprofit ministry and is not connected with any game producing companies or advertisers. This site provides reviews of various types of computer/video games for all platforms (PC, Mac, PlayStation, etc.)

Our RATINGS range between 5 (good) to 1 (very bad) in these areas…

Christian/Moral Perspective
Is the game anti-Christian and immoral in any way?

Is it violent? Does it encourage violent behavior? Etc.

Adult Content
Sexual encounters, nudity, or suggestive or sexually immoral material?

Game play
Is the game fun to play? High quality? (and other game play issues)

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