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Reviewed By: Red

Computer Platform: PC
Produced by: Hasbro Interactive
Price Range: $10-20
Learning curve time: 5 min.
Age level: 8+
ESRB Rating: Everyone
System Requirements: Win 95/98/Me/2000/XP, P133 processor or higher, 16 MB RAM, 15 MB free hard drive space, 4X CD-ROM, 16-bit color display, sound, 14.4 Kbps modem for Internet play, Mouse

Genre: Board Game
Christian Rating: 4 of 5
   (slightly offensive)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 4 of 5
   (barely present)
Adult Content: 5 of 5

"Clue—Murder at Boddy Mansion", is based entirely on the ever-popular board game of the same name. Players must use deduction skills to determine who killed the factitious Mr. Boddy, what weapon they used, and where they did the horrible deed. Hasbro and EAI have done a great job bringing the game play of the board game to Windows, but they didn't do much to innovate or make the game new and unique. The poured on cut-scenes, 3D polygonal animations, creepy music, and Internet play capabilities are great, but merely little extras placed on top of the same
Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion
classic board game we all have grown up with. By keeping the game play intact, players are insured quality game play and fun, without the risks associated with “reinventing” a game this popular and this set in tradition.

Screenshot from 'Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion' Playing the game on a computer is quite fun, thanks to all the multimedia perks that Hasbro and EAI have added. You get to choose from the six “suspects” from the original board game, now revamped as true 3D polygonal models. A 3D mansion that your characters can roam replaces the classic "game board". You may also turn off these perks and use the classic flat game board, however, the 3D one adds atmosphere and makes the game much more fun to play. Not to mention all the little secrets in the rooms. Click on some of the objects in each area and be surprised by the many short animations that unfold. The music is a bit annoying, simply replaying the same bars over and over and over again. Thankfully, the music is quiet and not much of a distraction. The Internet play is absolutely flawless, even over a slow Internet connection. The game is stable and is supported quite well. Play with a few friends or family members around the computer or across the Internet. But for large groups in a single location, the original board game is much more easier than cramping around the computer keyboard and mouse.

The game packaging warns of “Mild Animated Violence” and it is quite noticeable. When a player makes an “accusation” (suggesting possible murderer, weapon, and place of crime) a short animated cut scene depicting the possible occurrence flashes across the screen. It's quite alarming to see little Mrs. White swing a large wrench across the head of the unseen Mr. Boddy, or watching Ms. Scarlet kick the chair out from under him and seeing the rope pull tight (you never see Mr. Boddy, though). The intensity of these scenes is disturbing, especially for younger children. Luckily, the scenes can be disabled quite easily during or at the beginning of the game.

Not any, really, except the thought that one of the players is responsible for the brutal death of an imaginary character. Sure, it's predestined at the start of the game, but some people might find this unnerving. But look at the noble aspect of the game: players are trying to track down a criminal. It doesn't glorify the killing or make it seem “fun”, and rest assured the culprit will be caught at the end of every game.


The only thing that might be perceived this way is the ghostly skeleton hands that shuffle the Clue cards at the opening of the game, or the general “haunted” atmosphere of the game throughout.

An all around great game for Windows. The online play is great. Don't buy this game expecting much improvement over the original board game. It isn't. It is simply the board game brought up to personal computer with a bag full of multimedia bells and whistles and the ability to play across the globe. That is the intention, I believe! A great way to experience Clue. You can't go wrong with this title.

Year of Release—1998

This 1998 release is basically “Clue” (the board game) come to life. The computerized version can be played in three dimensional mode or an overhead two dimension view of the gameboard. The game is well done with movie snippets, although you will want to get the latest patch right away. However, the game is about a murder that needs to be solved, so younger kids should avoid this one. Also annoying is the animation that follows when you suggest a murderer, weapon and room. Thankfully, this can be turned off.
   —Tim Emmerich

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