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Coyote Ugly

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for sensuality.
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Primary Audience:
Romance Comedy Drama
1 hr. 50 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
August 4, 2000
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LeAnn Rimes and Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly

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Featuring Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, John Goodman, Melanie Lynskey, Adam Garcia
Director David McNally
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jeff Eamer, Scott Gardenhour, Jennifer Krug Worthington, Chad Oman, Pat Sandston, Mike Stenson
Distributor Touchstone Pictures, American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

“The Boss. The Law. The Dreamer. The Flame. The Heartbreaker. The Girls of Coyote Ugly.”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “Romantic comedy about a girl in her early 20s named Violet Sanford going to NYC to pursue a dream of becoming a songwriter. Violet gets a ‘day’ job as a bar maid at a nightclub called Coyote Ugly. Coyote Ugly is the city’s newest hot spot where the employees are a team of sexy, resourceful women that provoke the clientele and press with their mischief.”

Viewer Comments
“Coyote Ugly” was an inspiring chick flick with a few flaws. Girls can be inspired by the “girl pursues dreams and overcomes obsticals” plot and guys will be somewhat disappointed by the actual lack of naked girls dancing on a bar. The only major flaw of this movie was the fact that she is sleeping with her boyfriend (of course in what movie aren’t they). That was the most offensive (if I dare use such a strong word) part of the movie. The rest of the movie was light hearted fun. My Ratings: [3/3]
Lee, age 20
Fantastic movie! It was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, and it was far different than what I expected. While the previews simply showed girls dancing on a bar, there was actually a great plot about a girl accomplishing her dreams. I highly recommend this movie. My Ratings: [3/5]
Dawn, age 22
The main idea of the story, a girl trying to get out of a small town to be a star and moving to New York, was O.K. However, I have a problem with young ladies about High School age in an out of control bar dancing like a bunch of strippers and dressing like call girls in those tight clothes. What is worse is seeing guys pack this bar drooling over these girls! Truly this movie went a little too far with the flaunting of sexuality. My Ratings: [2/3]
D. Foley, age 18
…I was surpised by this movie completely. It is not about a bunch of young strippers that work at a bar. It is about a young girl facing difficuly in her life and a Fathers love. This movie is one a of the best I’ve seen in a long time and it is in my opinion a must see film.
Krissie, age 17
Let’s see… drinking… sleazy dancing… oogling eyed drunken horny men… erotic implication. Uh, what are Christians going to this movie for? While the story line implies a “we’ll do this till we make it big” and along the line heal strained relationships… good premise lousy vehicle. I think any Christian who goes to this movie based on the promos is blatantly walking in because they want to be tittilated. The ads do NOT show any of the struggles or relationship issues… this will most likely disappoint any teenage boys sneaking in to get a peak or men hoping for it to be a strip club. However, the promo hits on what they know will sell the show. There are redeeming qualities of restored relationships and overcoming obstacles BUT that is sooo downplayed in the promo that it is like a completely different movie pops out of what some people were hoping for. The bar scene—that is another reason to avoid this. It advocates abusive drinking… not saying it BUT implying it. Is the bar scene really a place for a Christian to be? Why go to a movie that has such a strong emphasis on it? Did I go? Sure because I was hoping to see what I hoped was “exciting dance routines”…as a Christian I am embarrassed to say the promo got me… I was drawn by the temptation, but found more of a story line and too little of what was expected. The lure and lust was still fulfilled… enough to cause me conviction so I left. This movie should be avoided by Christians… it isn’t edifying and there is only ONE reason someone would REALLY go. As a struggling Christian this was NOT a movie I needed to see. PG-13… well, that’s a rating based on “speed of clips”…never enough time to see anything major… BUT then again, your mind can conjure up the implications. Could a Christian handle this movie? My question would be, why would we need to? My Ratings: [1/3]
Stan Sloane, age 35
This is like Flashdance, with a weaker plot and worse music. The female bartenders do sometimes raunchy dances on the bar, but are clothed. There is a lot of drinking by bar patrons. You can tell that an unmarried couple sleeps together, but sex isn’t shown. There is rowdy, bar type behavior. One bartender is carried off the bar, but she ends up being alright, in a somewhat murky plot sequence. The writing and plotting skills of the movie makers are below average. The choreography and costumes are good. If you ever worked as a waitress, you may enjoy the parts where the bartenders dump ice, etc. on the customers. The movie kind of glamorizes the bartenders, who dance on the bar and wear costumes, if that bothers you.
Anonymous, age 38, non-Christian
I don’t think the movie is about half naked women dancing on a bar. That was obviously the intended advertisement to get a following of the public. This movie is actually about a young female with dreams who moves to New York to pursue them. It is a realistic view of what might happen to a young 21 yr. old female who moves to New York to become famous. If even, a very pampered and padded view of what might happen. A brief glance at a female who finds work in a bar with females dancing. I did not find it offensive, but uplifting. She pursued her dreams, and actually, she had it pretty easy compared to most young dreamers who travel to live in New york. I think this movie was excellent! My Ratings: [3/4]
Lauren, age 19
Movie Critics
…female bartenders who dance, strut and occasionally sensuously dance on top of a bar in front of rowdy and inebriated men…
…the good girls want to be bad (or, at least, to bare enough body parts to qualify), the bad girls want to be role models…
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
…The montages of navel-gazing and wet T-shirts are cut so fast and furiously that the film squeaks by with a PG-13…
Kevin Maynard, Mr. Showbiz
…unabashedly and unapologetically arouses baser thoughts for men in the audience…
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