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Movie Review

Computer Boy

Reviewed by: Ken James

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Comedy, Sci-fi, Spoof
50 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
Relevant Issues
Michael Falzon as Neo, an intellecturally defunct loser, in “Computer Boy”
Featuring: Michael Falzon, Marcus Pointon
Director: Abe Forsythe
Producer: Abe Forsythe
Distributor: _____

Runaway hit film “The Matrix” starring Keanu Reeves as a saviour-like figure for humanity became an instant cult classic film. With groundbreaking special effects and a compelling story, fans of all ages flocked to the theaters and anticipate a Christmas 2002 sequel. Banking on the wide appeal of “The Matrix” comes Abe Forsythe’s “Computer Boy” starring Michael Falzon as Neo.

An “Agent”—not “Asian”—in “Computer Boy” At the request of an Australian 7/8th grade teacher (where “Computer Boy” was filmed on-location), I watched this film via a DSL connection from an online film source. “Computer Boy” certainly has its moments of fun humor, but it is unfortunately riddled from start to finish with adolescent body humor and language. But perhaps this is to be expected. Writer/Director/Producer Abe Forsythe was only 18 himself when this was produced. What he does with a budget of $2,500, from the cinematography to the sound to the noteworthy sameness and quality of the actors. is remarkable. And hundreds of thousands of junior and senior high school students from Australia to America agree; they are all abuzz about it and have viewed his 50-minute spoof multiple times. Its popularity has even led to a DVD release.

“Computer Boy” was not as offensive to me as I was expecting. Perhaps it is because I know the age and maturity level of the target audience: teen males. I was one myself just a decade ago and can remember watching over and over such films as “Naked Gun” and other spoofs. If only the bad language was where the offensiveness ended… read on.

If this film were rated by the MPAA, it would receive an R due to the language: 16 “s***” words, 5 “f***”’s, 5 “a**”, 2 “hell”’s, 1 “b*tch”, and 2 instances of “O my God”. Crude body humor was played for laughs (about 6 scenes of passing gas), as well as a middle-finger gesture or two. What is most offensive, however, is two homosexual innuendos played for laughs. Those familiar with a scene from “The Matrix” where Neo is believed dead, only to be brought back to life by Trinity’s love… well Trinity tries the same here unsuccessfully. Morpheus pushes her aside and pours out his own feelings of “love” for Neo, then gives him a long lick on the cheek. that’s what Neo responds to, his life returned. Trinity splits, upset at this turn of events, and a few scenes later one of the Zion team members (male) is caught with his pants down, literally, eying the computer operator (another male). These scenes I could have done without. At least there was no nudity.

Due to the crass language and homosexual themes, “Computer Boy’s” genius is best left by conscientious adolescents in cyberspace. it’s a bummer, because cleaned up it would have had my vote.

Paul’s words to the followers of Christ at the church in Ephesus (and us) comes to mind: “Do not let any bad words come out of your mouth. But say good things that will help people. Then those who hear you will also be blessed by what you say.” The next chapter of Ephesians then says: “As God’s people, you should not even talk about wrong living, any kind of wrong sex or wanting things you cannot have. There should be no dirty talk, no foolish talk, no funny stories with a wrong meaning. This is not a good way to talk. But what you should do is thank God. You know this. There are people who use sex wrongly, and who are always wanting what others have. No such a person has any place in the kingdom of Christ and of God. He is worshipping an idol.” (Eph. 4:29, 5:3-5, Worldwide English Version) ’Nuff said.

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