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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle also known as “Charlie's Angels 2,” “Los Ángeles de Charlie: Al límite,” “Los ángeles de Charlie: Al límite,” “3 Engel für Charlie - Volle Power,” “Charlies änglar - Utan hämningar,” “Aniolki Charliego 2 - Zawrotna szybkosc,” “As Panteras: Detonando,” “Charlie angyalai: Teljes gázzal,” “Charlie et ses drôles de dames se déchaînent,” “Charlie inglid: täie rauaga,” “Charlie'nin melekleri - Tam gaz,” “Charlie's Angels - Più che mai,” “Charlie's Angels - Uden hæmninger,” “Charlie's Angels: Les anges se déchaînent,” “Charlie's Angels: Potência Máxima,” “Charliejevi anđeli 2,” “Charlien enkelit: Kurvit suoriksi,” “Els àngels de Charlie: Al límit,” “Os Anjos de Charlie: Potência Máxima,” “Čarlijevi anđeli 2: Totalno zagušenje”

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for action violence, sensuality and language/innuendo.

Reviewed by: D.J. Williams

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Adults Older Teens
Action Comedy
1 hr. 46 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
June 27, 2003 (wide)
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Featuring: Cameron DiazNatalie Cook
Drew BarrymoreDylan Sanders
Lucy LiuAlex Munday
Bernie Mac … Jimmy Bosley
Crispin Glover … Thin Man
Justin TherouxSeamus O'Grady
Robert Patrick … Ray Carter
Demi MooreMadison Lee
Rodrigo Santoro … Randy Emmers
Shia LaBeoufMax
Matt LeBlanc … Jason
Luke WilsonPete
John CleeseMr. Munday
Carrie FisherMother Superior
Bruce WillisWilliam Rose Bailey
Mary-Kate OlsenFuture Angel
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Director: McG—“Supernatural” TV series, “Chuck” TV series, “The O.C.” TV series
Producer: Columbia Pictures Corporation
Flower Films
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Distributor: Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures

Prequel: “Charlie’s Angel’s” (2000)

This film is rated PG-13 for action violence (lots of slow-mo martial arts action, intense and relentless), sensuality (pretty edgy for the PG-13, especially in a scene where the Angels go undercover at a strip club), and language/innuendo (language is rather tame, innuendo consists of James Bond-style remarks and a running joke with double meaning). The film doesn’t really have a brain in its head, thus any serious issues are totally nonexistent, but this is a pretty edgy PG-13, especially in the sensuality department. The movie is certainly inappropriate for those under thirteen, and older teens and adults should use discretion.

After seeing the first “Charlie’s Angels” film, I was actually rather indifferent to it. No, I didn’t like it, but I didn’t really dislike it, either. The film was campy, but it knew that it was campy and played off of it, producing some pleasantly funny moments. In the end, these moments just didn’t outweigh the uninteresting characters and stale action.

I wish I could give the same review to “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” the movie’s mind-numbingly awful sequel. I had pretty low expectations walking into the theater, but unfortunately the movie managed to prove to me that they were nowhere near low enough.

It’s pretty pointless to go into the movie’s plot, since we never once remotely care about it, but here you go. Some bad guys, including some Mongolian rebels, a ridiculously silly Irish mobster (Justin Theroux), and a mysterious master villain (though anyone who has seen a single ad for the film knows who it is), have stolen a secret set of encoded platinum rings that contain the actual identities of everyone in the federal witness protection program (why this wouldn’t simply be done on a computer at the FBI is beyond me).

If they sold these rings, any disgruntled thug could track down and knock off anyone on the list, including Angel Dylan Sanders (Drew Barrymore). Thus, Charlie’s girls head off to recover the rings.

The film wastes no time in being absolutely terrible.The opening action sequence has the Angels escaping the Mongolian rebels by crashing a flatbed truck with a helicopter on it off a dam, falling out of the truck, into the helicopter’s cockpit and onto its wings (with debris falling all around), and flying the chopper away. The whole sequence comes across as totally and completely preposterous. Yes, an over-the-top stunt can be really fun now and then (as any James Bond film can prove), but every action set piece in this film is too completely ridiculous to be entertaining.

Action aside, the movie is rarely funny, with most of the very few laughs coming from the Angels’ contact man Bosley (Bernie Mac). This Bosley is explained as the brother of Bill Murray’s Bosley from the first film, whom the black Bosley family adopted very much like Steve Martin’s character in “The Jerk.” Mac provides some pleasant interludes to the film’s persisting stupidity, however, decent actresses stuck in terrible roles, and Barrymore is just plain awful, a fact made more painful by her role as the Angel with the emotional subplot.

The rest of the cast is a great example of wasted talent.Why a great actress like Demi Moore took five years off from making movies and came back to do this is beyond comprehension. Her character, disgruntled former Angel Madison Lee, is one of many just plain bad villains who fill the screen (along with Theroux’s Irish gangster who looks like Johnny Knoxville doing a terrible impersonation of Colin Farrell).

Bruce Willis appears on screen in a cameo for about thirty seconds and does nothing but get shot in the head. Great comedy-actor Owen Wilson (“Shanghai Knights”) turns up in a barely recognizable cameo that is completely humorless and could have been played by an extra with no noticeable difference. British comic-genius John Cleese does nothing in his role but look dumbfounded while Liu and Matt LeBlanc play out a painfully overdone running gag.

Finally, Crispin Glover (“Back to the Future”, “Willard”) reprises his role from the first film as the villainous “thin-man,” for no other apparent reason than to show up in the film’s last twenty minutes and provide us with the absolute worst scene in the movie.

All this is wrapped up in a climactic action sequence that is—you guessed it—flat out ridiculous. “Full Throttle” is just plain terrible. The film actually made me nostalgic for the original, and probably surpasses the dismal disappointment “Anger Management” as the worst movie so far this year.

Director McG has given us a film that fails on absolutely every front and has no redeeming factor at all. More sad than that, however, is the fact that this film will probably make a lot of money, and may well give life to one more sequel. The upside to that, though I’m a little afraid to say it, is that I truly don’t think it could be any worse than this.

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Negative—Charlie’s Angels should’ve been rated “R” for it is overboard with violence, skin and language.

Violence—yes, you would expect some from this type of movie—but a lot more required a coroner to clean up. Even Bruce Willis gets his ears cleaned out with a bullet for a Q-tip. And for pyromaniacs, lots of explosions!

Skin—if you have any issues with lust of the eye, do not see this movie. Lots of near-nakedness going on, zoomed in on and blatant (and were the Angels nude when they broke out of the statue?). Of course it is usually presented with more suggestive implications. Further, one angel’s father (played by John Cleese) misunderstands and thinks that his daughter and friends may be prostitutes.

Language—The last movie must have been way below its foul language quota. Solution—bring in Bernie Mac as “Bosley” to sprinkle the foulness.

Bottom line—consider skipping this one.
My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 2]
Tim Emmerich, age 36
Negative—This movie was a total waste of time. I actually like the first one. It’s just enough of a mockery of the television series to make you laugh. But in Full Throttle the action sequences, and sexual innuendoes were so over the top it was ridiculous. Bottom line… don’t bother.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 2]
Natalie, age 24
Negative—Take this one back to Blockbuster. They will give you your hard earned money back from this sleazy movie… Not worth 20 millon an actor… Only saw 15 mins. of this, and that was it. Cleaned the bathroom instead.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive/1]
Fred, age 50
Movie Critics
Overproduced lingerie party.
Lou Lumenick, New York Post
This appallingly vacuous vehicle for three glamorous stars erases all dividing lines between sexy and smutty, and makes a cruel joke of its utterly inappropriate PG-13 rating. I feel personally victimized by this puerile project, since I brought my 14-year-old daughter with me to see the movie.
Michael Medved, Parents Television Council
…a lot of partial nudity (due to skimpy costumes), as well as violence and sexual innuendoes… in almost every scene. …the content is definitely for mature audiences only. There’s even a scene at a club where Diaz pours water over her bikini body to distract the men.
Holly McClure, Crosswalk
…“Full Throttle” is all about cranking up the volume and puttin’ the booty on display.
E! Online
Clearly, this is something rare: a movie that insulates itself against its own rottenness by being lousy by design.
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
…kinetically dazzling and utterly nonsensical.
Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
There wasn’t much story in the first installment, even less this time…
Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune
…the film is full of embarrassments. …Not by accident is the movie subtitled “Full Throttle”. It looks like it was made by a hyper 14-year-old boy with a trust fund.
Margaret A. McGurk, Cincinnati Enquirer
…spiked with ample amounts of sexual innuendo, some well-shadowed nudity and spicy language… Dressed in their lethal high heels and loosely laced tops, these …are more eye candy aimed at fulfilling male fantasies than credible crime fighters.
Kerry Bennett, One Voice Communications

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