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My Boss's Daughter

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for crude and sex-related humor, drug content and language.

Reviewed by: Rosemarie Ute Hoffman

Moral Rating: Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens Adults
Genre: Comedy Romance
Length: 1 hr. 41 min.
Year of Release: 2003
USA Release: August 22, 2003
Copyright, Dimension Films Copyright, Dimension Films Copyright, Dimension Films
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Copyright, Dimension Films

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Featuring Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid, Carmen Electra, Andy Richter, Molly Shannon
Director David Zucker
Producer Dimension Films
Distributor: Dimension Films. Trademark logo.
Dimension Films, a division of The Weinstein Company

“Skip this crude and unfunny loser”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “Eager but accident-prone young executive Tom Stansfield has finally happened upon the opportunity of his lifetime: he can impress his megalomaniac boss and the boss’s beautiful daughter, Lisa, by simply house-sitting their lavish mansion for one night. It’s a plan that could lead to love and success, if only the guests didn’t keep arriving.

From director David Zucker (“The Naked Gun,” “Airplane!”) comes an outrageous, fast-and-rowdy romantic comedy about a young man whose quest for the girl of his dreams is interrupted by a constant flow of calamities. One by one, a barrage of wild and crazy visitors take over the house he’s supposed to be watching and turn it upside down, as well as inside out.”

“My Boss’s Daughter” should have kept its original title, “The Guests” (1/31/03). The uninvited misfits run the gamut from a drug dealer to a neighbor with a bleeding head injury who has Cheetos stuck to her wound.

Drug dealer, T.J. (Michael Madsen), when confronted with an armed Tom Stansfield (Ashton Kutcher), decides to pull his own “gun”—urinating all over Mr. Taylor’s (Terence Stamp) Persian rug while another guest followed shortly after.

The dim-witted humor, racial innuendoes, breast touching, and the brief strip tease dance (no full nudity) by Lisa Taylor (Tara Reid) sums up to no more than a juvenile flick. It’s a classic wanna be of “Animal House” satire, but just doesn’t make the cut. Although it does have moments of potential, before long it haphazardly spirals down hill.

Disastrous things do happen to good people, and Kutcher displays this magnificently when he finds himself in a misunderstood commitment. Instead of a date with the boss’s daughter, he is sitting for the house and O.J., Mr. Taylor’s pet owl.

Kutcher personifies a man who would do anything for anyone, even at the cost of letting the guests take control and damage the house. Along with failing to carefully watch over O.J., which makes for a hearty mix of disaster.

Molly Shannon plays the fired secretary, Audrey, who is not far from her usual characters in the “Saturday Night Live” television show, as she’s felt up by Kutcher and seems to enjoy every squeeze.

Besides all the movie’s jerks and jolts, the defining element seems to be that “all things work together for good,” whether we like it or not. Kutcher represents this truth as a humble young man who is hopeful for the future—shooting for a job promotion and landing the girl of his dreams.

“My Boss’s Daughter” is another summer filler, no blockbuster movie magic here!

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Negative—A very inappropriate movie for young teens. I found this Web site AFTER seeing this movie and wish I had found it before. Nothing redeeming in this movie. I am so sorry I let my 13 year see it.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 1]
Linda Warren, age 42
Movie Critics
…It’s a dopey, unfunny mess, and if anyone needs to lose their job, it oughta be the people who made this turkey.
E! Online
…Not much to laugh at…
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter
…100 minute embarrassment… a movie so thoroughly cretinous the people who made it couldn’t get even the punctuation in the title right.
Rick Kisonak, Film Threat
…Disrespectful/Bad Attitude: Extreme… Alcohol/Drugs: Heavy… Profanity: Heavy… Two men’s bare butts are seen in a nonsexual moment, a woman is seen in a clingy, tight and wet t-shirt, a drawing shows a bare-breasted woman, and other women are seen in revealing attire. A man gropes two women’s clothed breasts, arousing one. …urinating in and on many things in a living room.
…filled with pointless and offensive scenes, a light treatment of drug use, toilet humor, some nudity and foul language, including crude references to the male anatomy…
Mary Draughon, Preview Family Movie and TV Review
…a lot of sexual content… Gags involve masturbation, castration, threesomes, erections, vibrators and lesbian encounters. briefcase …falls open… revealing a homosexual porn magazine… Tom… stares goggle-eyed at [Lisa’s] bikini-clad form [sun-bathing]. A woman ridicules her boyfriend’s penis size. The camera leers at a barely dressed, nubile woman as she rock climbs and at another as she emerges from a pool in a wet T-shirt.
Loren Eaton, Plugged In!, Focus on the Family
…woman begins doing a striptease (down to her bra and panties) while the man watches. A man talks about a woman having caught him being unfaithful and describes graphically, and demonstrates, the sexual position he was in. …A mouse crawls into a man’s pants, he jerks and twists around, a woman walks into the room and thinks he’s doing something sexual (he’s also holding a pair of the woman’s panties in his hand).
…over-the-top physical comedy and repulsive scatological jokes. …Ridiculous subplots, ranging from Evander Holyfield’s ear, the Kennedy assassination and a wandering girl with a bloody head injury, to a blind quadriplegic man and Carmen Electra’s breasts, only serve to further the confusion and stupidity of an already outrageous and often disgusting film.
Angel Cohn, TV Guide

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