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Reviewed by: Dave Rettig

Very Offensive
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91 min.
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Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, Pamela Reed, Harris Yulin, Burt Reynolds | Director: Mel Smith | Released by: Gramercy Pictures

The bumbling Brit, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) of the self titled television skits, stars in “Bean”. In “Bean”, Mr. Bean is the worst employee in recent history at London Museum of Art. His fellow employees so desperately wish to be rid of him that when an opportunity arises for the museum to send a scholarly speaker to America, the vote is unanimously Mr. Bean. Transporting the famed “Whistler’s Mother” to the United States, Mr. Bean, now disguised as Dr. Bean, causes mischief and mayhem. The hapless Bean wanders from misfortune to misfortune entangling all who unwittingly cross his path.

Many of “Bean”’s scenes were the laugh-out-loud variety. This lovable misfit causes the most outrageous predicaments and one cannot help but enjoy the outlandish outcomes. Despite the zany diversion, this movie offers nothing original. The plot seems to be an afterthought, used only to move Mr. Bean from one escapade to the next. The gags were old hat. The premise well worn. The humor stale.

“Bean” contains brief nudity, profanity, and sexual humor. The one of several disappointing features was brief nudity. It had nothing to do with the movie. It was as though the script writers were just looking for a place to add nudity so as to not be rated PG. The name of Jesus Christ was profaned a great deal. Combined with the fact that most of the humor was sexual in nature, this movie earns a very low Moral Rating.

Given the unoriginal story and the offensive content, I would recommend avoiding “Bean”. Just as many laughs with cleaner content are available through a number of wholesome, family-oriented comedies.

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Viewer Comments
This is a really bad Bean movie. Lewd content, and pathetic attempts at humour throughout this slow moving poor piece of work. I’ve really enjoyed Bean skits on television. Watch those over again rather than this film—it stinks. My Ratings: [2/1]
Todd Adams, age 32
I am a fan of Mr. Bean’s British comedy show. I think you have to be to TRULY enjoy this film. It is a little wacky, and can only truly satisfy that sense of humor. We enjoyed it, laughing madly at Bean’s familiar antics. Antics that non-Beanies would find ridiculous. Anyway, it is a good family film. No sex, violence, etc. A playful joke with an all too familiar gesture, and a spot where our Savior’s name is abused (unfortunately and unneccessarily), but otherwise a winner for the Beaners! A MUST see for fans, I give it a 9!
I went and saw this movie basically because I have seen all of the original Bean episodes and liked them. For the most part, the movie takes the gags from the original episodes and changes them by adding little twists. Unfortunately, most of the changes don’t add much comedy nor do they add anything new. Rowan Atkinson deserves the credit for making this fun. He has a talent for getting across a feeling without using many words. As in the original episodes, Bean rarely says anything. Most of the comedy is sight gags from Bean’s actions or facial expressions. Atkinson is incredible at pulling this off and bringing character to Mr. Bean.
Peter Wright, 21