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The Object of My Affection

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong language and some sexuality

Reviewed by: Joyce Books

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Young Adults
Romantic Comedy / Drama
112 min.
Year of Release:

Starring: Paul Rudd, George Hanson, Jennifer Aniston / Director: Nicholas Hytner / Released by: 20th Century Fox

What happens when a straight woman, living with a homosexual male roommate, gets pregnant from her boyfriend, but then decides she likes the homosexual roommate better than her boyfriend? A confusing plot? Certainly. An interesting concept? Maybe. A waste of entertainment? In this case, yes.

George (Paul Rudd) is openly homosexual, but out of luck in having a place to live when his current male lover ends their relationship. After becoming fast friends with Nina (Jennifer Aniston), George moves in to his new home. They spend many great times together, but have no sexual relations. Nina, after having slept with her boyfriend, Vince (John Pankow), learns that she is pregnant. She plans to have the baby, but doesn’t quite know just how the living situation should work out. She certainly does not want the natural father to be around for the baby, so she asks her caring homosexual roomate to consider being the baby’s surrogate father. Over time, problems develop when George becomes “the object of Nina’s affection”. Get it?

But, folks, that’s not all. The gay man finds someone else he’s attracted to, naturally causing some pain in this unique relationship. Nina eventually ends up in an interracial relationship (though interracial dating or marriage is not wrong), stays friends with the gay couple, the real father becomes a part-time dad, and everyone seems happy enough. It’s as if this were all part of normal life. Where has society gone?

Profanity was abundant in this film (over 2 dozen instances), as was the presence of numerous hot-topic social issues. Unfortunately, acceptance instead of discernment and Biblical values is preached. Several scenes (including homosexual kissing and a homosexual bed scene) were not necessary for the plot—yet were included for what seems like “shock value.” The homosexual lifestyle was interpreted as an equally valid choice in lifestyle. Furthermore, no moral code or standards are used in the rearing of this child. The mother-to-be wants no part of the father; yet he was good enough to get pregnant by. She acted like what anyone else wanted didn’t matter—it was all about what she wanted.

I would not recommend this movie for Christians, as there is no redeeming value in it whatsoever. I’m afraid this movie reflected a real lifestyle of many, but that doesn’t keep it from being tainted.

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Viewer Comments
You know, sometimes I think it’s good for Christians to watch this stuff. I don’t condone homosexuality but Christians need to realize that they are people just like any other unsaved person. We need to treat them that way. What makes us think that our sins are any less wrong than theirs. Maybe instead of being repulsed by them we should pray for them. All sin results in horrible, hurtful things and we all need the Lord. This movie was good because you get to like George and kindof feel sorry for him. Maybe it will help people to quit judging and start feeling so that they can pray for them.
I have to say, I enjoyed this movie. Jennifer Anniston did an outstanding job in her portrayal of a women that was in love with someone that could not love her back in the same way. We all make choices that we may regret, but it’s what we do with those choices that matters. Jennifer’s character may have made a bad choice of sleeping with her boyfriend and getting pregnant. But being faced with that choice, she realized that her boyfriend was not the person for her, so didn’t marry him (yeah!). She realized that she wanted the baby (and didn’t have an abortion—yeah!). She realized that the baby needed to be brought up in a loving environment, so chose her friend George as the obvious answer. George was a caring, loving, and compassionate individual. So what if he was homosexual? As Christians, are we suppose to blind ourselves from what goes on out is society? Not all movies are going to have a Christian viewpoint, thus it should not have been a shock to you that “no biblical values” were preached. Duh! It’s a secular movie, with a secular viewpoint, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for Christians to go see. As Christians, we need to be aware of what is out there so that we can be more open to working with those that need to see the love of Christ—not shut them out because there is no Christian redeeming value… come on! For entertainment value, Object of My Affection was a great movie. It was funny and serious. The characters were believable and a great acting job was done by all. I say it’s a must see!
Tony Miller
I am ashamed to say I saw “The Object of My Affection.” This movie is the most offensive movie I have ever seen. I also got sucked in by the previews hoping for some redeeming value. The previews are misleading. If I had not been with my unsaved husband I would have walked out and asked for my money back. From beginning to end the movie reeks homosexual agenda to me. I would just like to warn Christians or anyone for that matter that from beginning to end, this movie shoves the gay lifestyle in your face. It is terribly offensive especially references to Jesus Christ and to God.
I was very disappointed in this film and felt misled buy the previews I saw before I went to see it. The previews made the movie look like a homosexual man goes straight which made me think “great—finally a movie that lets everyone know that being homosexual is a choice not being born that way.”…