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Kiss Me, Guido

Reviewed by: John Taylorson

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
96 min.
Year of Release:

Yet another attempt by Hollywood to embrace homosexuality as a fun-loving, alternative to the straight lifestyle. “Kiss Me, Guido” is a film made with strong gay recruitment undertones, solidified through a few graphic scenes—one involving a straight man kissing a gay man.

The film is a clever story about a straight young man who unwittingly finds himself living with a struggling gay actor in need of rent money. The two of them quickly learn they have more in common than just their phobias toward each other. In a style much like “Seinfeld” (the TV sitcom), assorted stories are woven into a single script, all which appear to celebrate homosexual sex, gay humor and flagrant infidelity.

While watching the film, I sensed the writer/director, Tony Vitale, attempting to persuade viewers to not only accept the gay lifestyle but to experiment with homosexuality. “Kiss Me, Guido” is a film seemingly directed to the mainstream adult viewer, in an attempt to soften and familiarize homosexuality to the “homophobic,” (or Bible-believing) people. Don’t waste your time or money.

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