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Andromeda 2000–2005 (110 episodes)

Moral Rating: Caution
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: 30 min.
Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Brent Stait, Laura Bertram, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Lexa Doig, Anne Marie Loder, Antonio Cupo, Bruce Harwood, Roger R. Cross, Louis Chirillo | Produced by: Allan Eastman, Majel Roddenberry, Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Canadian/American science fiction series, based on unused material by Gene Roddenberry / The galaxy was at peace under the benevolent rule of a federation of planets. There was a race of genetically enhanced humans called Neitchiens (after the philosopher) who are bred and trained to be the embodiment of the existentialist philosophy their namesake promoted. This “bad” race destroyed the "System's Commonwealth." The galaxy fell into chaos and standards of living recessed everywhere. During the initial revolt, one of the warships that flew under the commonwealth's banner, Andromeda, fell into the event horizon of a black hole, just far enough in so that it was frozen in time and space, but not so far in that it was crushed. 300 years later it and its only remaining crew were unfrozen by scavengers seeking to loot the ship. Upon learning that the commonwealth had been destroyed, the captain goes on a mission to restore it.

viewer comments…
Avoid—I really liked the first season of this show but it has taken a turn for the worse. The second season has spent a fair amount of time implying that some of the cast members are from a race of demons even though they have the capacity to do good. You may not see this twisted interpretation of good vs evil in every show but it is a reccuring theme every third or so show and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Other than that, there is the mild sexual innuendo and violence that tv producers seem to think is standard.
Ron Boer, age 24
Usually Okay—Another quality effort from Gene Rodenberry. However, unlike previous Rodenberry shows, this show is very sympathetic to spirituality in general, and has a better grip on human nature (i.e., sinful). …The show features a good bit of violence and some adult topics, so it is probably not appropriate for children under 14. My favorite character on the show is Rev Bem, a member of a race called the Magog. Magogs are carnivorous aliens that live by going from planet to planet and eating the sentient races that live there. Born evil, Bem joins a gentle religious order called “the Way,” which is most similar to B'hai. He renounces his carnivorous ways and incorporates “the Divine” into his life. He is constantly trying to overcome the impulses of his lower nature and struggles with guilt for the evil he committed pre-conversion, and the evil nature of his race. He serves sort of a “ship’s counselor” type function on Andromeda, as well as being a formidable warrior. It would be too much to ask for his religious system to be more closely modeled on Christianity, but Christians will recognize many of the elements and themes of "the Way," and story elements brought out by the Rev Bem character. Overall, it is a quality show. Explores many of the types of moral and spiritual questions important to Christians, and that lead people to become Christians. If nothing else, it makes a good platform for discussion with non-Christian friends to whom we are trying to witness.
Gregory Scott Bledsoe, age 28
Usually Okay—Andromeda: A wonderful show that was created by the late great Gene Roddenberry that all the qualities of being a fan favorite. But one must beware that the creator of this show often questioned the existence of the creator of us all.
Allen Wilcox, age 36
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—I lOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!! Andromeda is my favorite show other than Yugi-oh and Pokémon! I love the crew and their antics. It is fun to see what will happen next. I hope it never goes off the air.
Horsegirl, age 11
Usually Okay—Just those who don't watch the show because of the reviewer that said the language was horrendous. I've watched this show from day one and I've seen maybe three offensive words during that time.
Usually Okay—Andromeda is a great show, but for a more mature audience. The worst part is probably the occasional sex scene and the revealing women's outfits. Honestly, I didn't even notice the language, which means it was probably better than that I hear at school, for what it's worth. There is a fair amount of violence but not much gore, and the ship's captain believes in violence as a last resort. The best part is certainly the characters, each of whom are well-developed and fascinating with their separate internal conflicts. Because of the premise of the show, each crew member is very different and their only commonality, really, is that they are alone in a very big universe and for that reason alone need each other to survive.
Julie, age 13
Caution—This T.V. show uses very stong language and an occasional innuendo. If frequent language does not bother you, then you may enjoy it. The characters are engaging and the S.F. marvellous. BE WARNED, HOWEVER! The foul language is spread on thicker than mayonaisse on a McChicken sandwich when they hold the lettuce and tomatos. For this reason, I was forced to stop viewing ANDROMEDA. The language gets really annoying.
Nate, age 14