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Usually Okay—This is a wonderful show if your kids love Christian music. It has skating,surfing, snowboarding, and much more. I am 15 and it is my all time favorite show, and you will be amazed when you see how on fire for the Lord these people. It promotes witnessing, and extreme Christian Fun.
Ashley, age 15

Gilmore Girls

Usually Okay—This show is what television is made for! It's a show about a woman who doesn't do the whole "I got pregnant at 16 so feel bad for me" thing. Instead it shows a beautiful relationship between a mother and daughter, one that is hard to come by. My 14 year old daughter can relate to Rory and I to Lorelai. I recommend this show!!!
Lizabeth, age 28
Caution—This is my show that I watch with my mom every week. I loved it because we could relate to it sort of. It implies that family and school is important and standing up for what you believe in. But now all it talks about is premarital sex, cheating is okay, and that you are a "good person" if you don't go to church and say the Lord's name in vain. The more I watch it, the more I get upset by it. It's one of my favorites… but it the storyline keeps going like this I will be forced to stop watching it.
Brooke, age 21
Usually Okay—This is a terrific show! It's witty, and based on family issues, whether they be difficult or joyous. I get a warm feeling down deep in my heart from when I first hear the theme song to the very end when I am disappointed it's over. Keep this show going…quality WB (not always the case). Check it out!
Robin, age 32
Avoid—This show was put on tv by an organization that wanted to make a family friendly show. However when it was sold to WB the format changed. At the first the show was family appropriate, but then the mom slept with an ex and urgh its gone downhill since. I don't recommend it at all.
Usually Okay—This is my favorite show. My husband and I try to watch it every week. Not everyone on the show is perfect, but I do feel like they are realistic. Characters have to face consequences for their actions. Family is very important in the show, which is nice to see. The whole town is a strong community. Another rarity in the modern world. This show will crack you up. Check it out!
Nicole, age 26
Usually Okay—I like the show because it is a better show for teens, and doesn't have that propaganda that other WB Series like Felicity, Dawson's Creek, or the now-defunct Popular had. I also like the show cause Teal Redmann (who playes Louise) is on the show.
Joshua, age 21
Caution—Gilmore Girls started as a really sweet show about a single mom and her 16 year old daughter. Just recently it has started showing objectionable scenes involving the mother Lorelai and her daughter's teacher who is also the mother's lover. There are heavy kissing scenes and sexual innuendos. Not recommended for young children but I think it is mostly ok for teenagers and adults who know what is appropriate in life. It started to be a nice show but it is getting questionable.
Jessica, age 26
Usually Okay—I find this show very refreshing from the usual TV shows. This show is about a single mom Lorelai and her sixteen year old daughter Rory. It shows how Lorelai took responsibility when she got pregnant at sixteen. It's a sweet show about mother and daughter love. There is no profanity and until now no sexual situations. I do believe this week Rory will kiss a boy she likes. This show is really big on showing the love between mother and daughter and that there are no secrets between them. It's perfect for teens and pre teens but children would not be entertained. There is alcohol consumption, but it is during festivities. No immorality in the show.
Jessica, age 26
Comments from young people
Caution—While Gilmore Girls is generally an enjoyable show, it does have its problems. The entire season I was bothered by how often they took God's name in vain. Then during the season finale, there was strongly implied sex between two characters who weren't married. I am not sticking around for the next season.
Nicole Hoffman, age 15
Usually Okay—What can I say… I love this show. It always makes me laugh. Every once in awhile, the WB throws in an episode that is objectionable, but usually the only problem is a few mild curses and one or 2 implying comments, usually said as a joke (however "un-funny" it may be). The only objectionable scene I've ever seen is with Lorelai and her (ex) fiance in bed. However both were fully clothed, and asleep on their own sides of the bed.

Positive points are that it shows the downside of being a single parent and having premarital sex, and Lorelai and her 16 year old daughter Rory have an excellent relationship… the kind most moms and daughters would like to have. Rory is a virgin, and although I've never heard her say she's not planning on sex outside of marriage, she has no intention of sleeping with anyone in the near future. All in all, this show is definitely worth trying out.
Jessica, age 15

Golden Girls

Avoid—This show is horrible. The whole theme is sex, sex, sex. Hollywood seems to be so preoccupied with it these days. This show is bad, and should be avoided.
Maggie, age 42
Comments from young people
Avoid—This show is as old as they come. It's been around since I was a baby. However, old does not neccessarily mean clean. One of the show's main character's Blanche talks about having sex at least once an episode. She talks on the phone about having sex, visits gay bars to pick up men, etc. She is not the only character obsessed with sex however, the girls “mom” talks of having sex and has slept with guys on episodes. I think the only asset to this whole show is the theme song. Make sure to turn it off after you hear the song.
Vanesa, age 15
Avoid—I won't disagree that this show is funny, but I am not laughing at the right things. Hollywood slips in sex and makes it seem funny, so you don't realize the sin. This show has so much sex it's ridiculous. Stay away from these girls.
Janice, age 12

Grounded for Life

Caution—This is a semi-interesting show which I have watched a few times in the past. Morally, it's just so-so. There is discussion of sex… the first season finale was about the oldest daughter being born out of wedlock, and the second season finale was about whether or not the girl is pregnant (it turns out she just got a tattoo). Other than that, there is some mild profanity. It's rated TV-PG, and the sex talk is nothing that a 12 year old couldn't handle. Still, for younger kids, most humor and discussions would go over their heads.

Gundam Wing

Usually Okay—First, thing that should be noted is that this show is aimed towards teenagers and adults (Japanease animation is used for all genre's) and as such is intended for those audiences. Many people do not realize this but the characters and events in Gundam Wing are direct or indirect references to the events and things in Revelation after the Rapture.

Treize (Romefeller) as the anti-christ and false prophet (actually some could argue Relena was the anti-christ although I don't agree). The formation of a one world government. The false peace with the colonies is a reference to the false 7-year piece with Israel.

The last and final battle with everlasting peace afterwards. The Gundams (Wing and Zero count separate, so does Talgeese) and the pilots themselves also represent certain characters in the things to come. Epyon represented the Dragon which effects pilots thoughts towards those of evil and is never mastered unlike Zero. War is Wufei. Plague is Quatre (mainly for what he did with Wing Zero). Famine is Trowa. Death is obvious but for those who haven't seen it that's Duo. Heero would be symbolic of the Archangel Micheal who defeats the Dragon.

There is a lot more then I can put in this review. It is all symbolic and is not meant to be a direct depiction of the book of Revelation. I think its cool how the retold (Gundam Wing is just a retelling Gundam story/concept) the original story of the UC Gundam universe and yet combine these symbolic events/characters into it.
David Mitchell, age 22
Usually Okay—A great Japanese anime show but it has a bit to thick of a plot for younger kids. Probably for age 10 and up.
John Smith, age 29
Comments from young people
Caution—Gundam Wing is anime show that is about five 15 year old boys who are fighting a war with their Gundams…While this show is very dark, it's good. I recommend it for kids older than 10.
Drea, age 16
Usually Okay—Gundam Wing is one of the more recent chapters in the Gundam saga. If you liked transformers, but are yearning for something a bit more thought-provoking, this is it. Taking place in a future where an evil empire holds the highly rebellious colonies in an iron fist, battles are no longer decided by tanks, troops, or planes. The weapon of choice is the Mobile Suit. Basically giant 30 ft robots that you climb into and fight with.

The colonies hope for independence from Earth's evil empire. Five seperate colonies each send a specialized mobile suit to Earth made of a near indestructible alloy known as Gundanium. This metal gives the suits their infamous name of Gundams. The five pilots of the Gundams are ordered to help free the colonies, but that is just the beginning.

From a christian standpoint, this series is surprisingly non-offensive. There is plenty of death, but nearly all occur with the victims battling in giant robots, keeping the deaths confined to large explosions.

The most interesting aspect of the show is how it questions what we think of war and fighting in general. The characters are constantly battling not only the enemy, but the question of who their enemies are, and whether or not it is right to kill. Several views on war are presented, from total pacifism to all out warmongering.

Death is a constant in this series, unlike DBZ where a character can be wished back. The series keeps things turning with every episode, and if you miss one, you might be in trouble. Twists and turns abound, with philosophical arguments setting the backdrop for fantastic battle sequences. I recommend for kids over 11.
Christopher Browns, age 17

Happy Days

Caution—I have to take a stronger stance than the previous reviewer. I grew up watching this show and never saw a problem with it. Fonzie was my definition of cool. However, as an adult, having recently watched reruns on Nick at Night, my opinion has changed. There is nothing positive about Fonzie's treatment of women, his downplayed, but still present, dominace of women, and Richie and gang's idolization of Fonzie. Yes, compared to today's sitcom standards, this one is pretty mild. But compared to God's standards, it is not a show worth watching.
Chris Hamm, age 31
Caution—Yes, this show has Ritchie & the rest of the 'clean-cut' Cunninghams usually displaying good ethics. However, the real hero of the show—Fonzie, is constantly pursuing and promoting pre-marital sexual activity. Because it's not as overt as sitcoms today (“Friends”, “Seinfeld”, etc), shows like this can be insidiuos; I have to admit (sadly) that this is one of the shows that contributed to MY lax standards regarding sexual purity as a teenager.
Heidi, age 34


Avoid—…“Highlander” may have an interesting premise and writing, but my Spirit was very unsettled when I watched this program for about 2½ episodes. What was particularly disturbing was the decapitation of the lead character's “enemy” and the "POWER SURGE" that the Highlander-guy received as a result. This is clearly and blatantly SATANIC!

Please, fellow Christians, be aware that satanists believe that 'essence' released by the death of another soul - especially a 'pure' one (like a child's) gives the satanist (or Highlander in this case) the 'power' of the dead person's spirit' - each time becoming more powerful, just like on the Highlander. Satanic masses can involve rituals like this 'drinking in' of power, and many innocent (kidnapped) babies have died because of this… if you don't believe me …talk to your local group that deals with the occult. Please stay away from this program. It's too easy to become overly fascinated by the 'style, and good looks' of this program (not to mention the actors). God bless!
Evelyn, age 32
Caution—This is a very engaging show with an interesting premise. However, the very idea of immortals chopping off each others' heads with swords leads to considerable violence in most episodes. It also blatantly disregards Biblical teachings regarding sexual purity and other standards. The show does examine some complex moral issues from time to time, and does not always come down on the wrong side. “Highlander” is a very thoughtful show, but not a particularly Christian one. It's not a show for kids, but people mature enough to handle the moral issues involved may enjoy it.
Brandon Butler, age 22
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Hogan's Heroes

Usually Okay—I really like this show. It does not have bad language, something unheard of in most modern television shows. Hogan and his men always manage to out smart the Germans. It is a classic story of good v. evil, and good always wins. I find Hogan's Heroes funny and entertaining in a way that most modern shows can't manage. I recommend it.
A. Gunter, age 19

Highway to Heaven

Usually Okay—…Highway To Heaven, although a very morally oriented program is TOTALLY without foundation in the Bible. Mr. Landon plays a person that died and has come back as an angel, a popular idea but not found in the Bible. Angels are different and separate beings than Humans. People do not die and come back as angels.

Also, there are many times that a person, an adult, dies and goes to Heaven simply because they did some redeeming act at the last moment or last days of life. I remind all that it is only by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross are we saved and there is no such thing as Universalism in the Bible.

I enjoy the program, but correct the THEOLOGY when needed, which is every episode. I do not recall that the name of Jesus has ever been brought up as the Lord God, Savior of the Human race, if they repent and accept His Sacrifice for Sin (another thing never mentioned).
Steve McLeroy, age 47

Home Improvement

Caution—I've never known anyone to agree with me on this show, but it rubs me the wrong way for 2 reasons: 1) The marital relationship in this show is rarely shown in a positive light (the ignorant buffoon Homer Simpson is more loving and respectful of his wife!). 2) 'Put-downs' are a common theme. Aren't we to build each other up? I could probably find more that offends me about this show if I could stand to watch it!
Heidi, age 34
Caution—Although I'm a big fan of this show and give it the "Usually OK" rating, I think it should also be designated “Borderline”. I say this because of the way the show sometimes deals with sexuality. For example, in several episodes there are references to Tim and Jill's pre-marriage relationship which are clearly objectionable.
Peter, age 21

The Hughleys

Caution—As a fan of The Hughleys I was happy to see that another network (UPN) had picked them up after ABC had cancelled the show. While the show did push the limits on ABC, I never felt uncomfortable watching it as I did during the season premiere on UPN. Within the first 5 minutes, there were at least 5 graphic sexual references. The tone of the show seems to be in the gutter now. I wonder if UPN told the writers of the show to make it more controversial or edgy? It seems like an entirely different show, and I would not recommend it to anyone based on the premiere. I don't think I'll be tuning in to catch any more episodes of The Hughleys.
Tonia, age 31


Avoid—I think that I am a very liberal Christian and I have seen this show-it is THE MOST vulgar, disgusting show ever created!! It blows all other shows out of the water…
Jennifer, age 21
Avoid—This show is sick and disturbing. I would not recommend watching this show to anyone, let alone Christian viewers. There is a great deal of profanity and sexual language used in this show, and they often show people doing dangerous and perverted acts.
Jennifer Williams, age 18
Caution—MTV show without the sex. Seems to be an updated somewhat over the top version of David Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks" segment from 'The late show'. Definitely funny, sometimes gross.
Bill Pitts, age 32


Jamie Foxx Show

Usually Okay—Although [this program] is a comedy, I think that it could be viewed by children maybe 8 and up. They try to cover up foul language. (e.g., they will say mother flood puckers—that's a restaurant). To a child they wouldn't know what they were actually trying to say if they are not used to hearing foul language.
Lolita Lofton, age 29

The Jeffersons

Usually Okay—There was a reason this sitcom ran for 10 years--it was good. George was a loudmouth bigot who had worked and become a rich man, but he never forgot where he came from. One of the best episodes showed George being a "Secret Santa" to the poor family who now occupied the home he lived in while he was growing up in poverty.

Another had George worried that his wife and son would no longer respect him if they knew he had spent time in reform school as a teenager. Two loving, long-term marriages were also shown--George and Louise's, and that of their upstairs neighbors, Tom and Helen Willis. Occasionally some profanity and racial slurs.
Hillari Hunter, age 39

Just Shoot Me

Avoid—This show has nothing to offer but crude and base humor. It's usually not even funny. After watching it, you are left with nothing but half an hour of wasted time. Spend your TV viewing time elsewhere.
Greg Bledsoe, age 28
Avoid—I do not recommend this show at all. We watched an episode of it last week and one of the actors was constantly making horrible sexual remarks.
Jamie Cody, age 32
Avoid—This show consists predominantly of sexual innuendo. Definitely not appropriate for children, and should probably be avoided by adults too.
Jason Barshay, age 28
Caution—Be warned - most of this sitcom is innuendo. Although some episodes are quite humorous, it is not recommended to anyone offended by crude or semi-crude jokes. This show can be rated cleaner than "Dawsons Creek" (not the same genre), but worse than “Friends”.
Brian Pedigo, age 19

Justice League

Usually Okay—Justice League- a modern Super Friends show that has the big three of DC comics (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) joined with lesser known heros (Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Flash and Hawkgirl). A great show for the younger set (and the not-so-younger). A great example for parents to show their kids how a group of multi-dimensional people can work to gather for a common noble cause. Examples…one non-Caucasion (Green Lantern), two females (Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl), one funloving teen (The Flash), two aliens (Superman and Martian Manhunter) and a very moody and often hard to work with detective (Batman).

While the gimick of "Good vs. Evil, and Good wins out in the end" works well for the show, it is always best for parents to sit down with their kids and watch it with them to explain to them that violence is not always the best way to resolve a problem. Prayer and Godly love is the best way to the Devil (Lex Luthor, The Joker. etc.) By the way I love this show.
Allen, age 38

Kate Brasher

Positive—Just saw the premiere tonight. I was very surprised. This single mother of 2 teenage boys went directly to the Bible and brought her sons there to find answers and inspiration. I'll keep watching!
Kelly Rocco, age 35

King of the Hill

Usually Okay—I like king of the hill. It is a cartoon made for adults. The family are good ol' Texans. The humor is pretty innocent.
Jennifer, age 21
Usually Okay—King of the Hill is the only “current” TV show that I watch. It is funny, has morality, and I just love the characters. Some may disagree, but I think that it really is a good show- definitely compared to the awful shows that are on TV these days…
Kevin Waid, age 19
Usually Okay—…King of the Hill is a wonderfully written show about Texas. It's based on a city a couple of miles from where I live. While sometimes risque, it is MUCH tamer than The Simpsons. The main character (Hank) ends up doing the right thing morally, believe it or not. I would encourage everyone to watch this show a couple of times. It cracks me up, probably because I know people in my own life that mirror the show's characters!
David Percival, age 40
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—This show is pretty good. It is about a suburban family in Texas and their unique neighbors. Dale--the conspiracy theory-smith. Boomhauer--talksofastman illtellyouwhat youcantunderstandaword thisguysays knowwhatimean. And Bill--the lonely fat guy next door. There are questionable moments (i.e.-the foot fetish episode in which Peggy is unknowingly made a “pornstar” after a visit to the podiatrist.) Bobby and Hank (father and son) usually have a pretty good relationship and are pretty good examples. Peggy is the stereotyped wife who cooks, cleans, and teaches.
Sherwood Vaillancourt, age 16


Usually Okay—This British sketch comedy series is a welcome relief from other evil programs such as MADTV. Characters such as Rabbi Rabbit and The Right Reverend, Reverend Right treat people with a religious background with respect, which is appropriate. Another excellent series from the British.
Shinji Ikari, age 27

La Femme Nikita

Caution—I noticed that NONE of the GOOD parts of LFN are mentioned in any of the already existing comments on this show. I have to say, that this show is NOT A BAD SHOW. It is NOT encouraging innocent young people to support EVIL organisations such as the Section, instead, it gives a moving, emotional empathic view into Nikita's life where she ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES the young of today to say "NO!" to oppressive evil regimes…
Barney Collier, age 49
Caution—As I grew older, I found I was watching less and less TV due to boredom with the TV offerings. This year, however, I stumbled across La Femme Nikita, and I got caught up in it. It is not at all the type of show I usually watch or even like. It is a dark, twisty, violent series where people are in bondage to the Section One organization. In some ways being part of this organization is like being in Hell - there is no escape. Everyone betrays each other to survive.

Section One believes the ends justifies their means and that organization is only barely different from the 'bad guys' who are just a little more evil. The only bright spot is Nikita constantly breaks their rules by acting on her compassionate nature. She is described once as the only one who still has a soul. I have seen about half of the 4 seasons' worth of taped episodes and some of them are just brilliant in a shocking way. The production team and actors excel in bringing us this dark and twisted world of manipulation and intrigue.

My brain really likes this show because it is very intelligent, well-made and twisty viewing for adults. I confess I have been troubled as a Christian by this show though. There is far more violence than I usually watch, for which I find the vcr/tv remote handy to turn away from. I have also been bothered by the very occasional nudity because that did seem to me to be very unnecessary.

I agree that La Femme Nikita is not “soul food” for Christians. But in some ways it shows what the real world would be without God, where there is no good or evil—only shades of evil.
Avoid—A dark, dismal futuristic drama about a group called "Section One" that supposedly fights global terrorism. Only catch is that the people working for Section One have no choice about it - they are forced to be there for whatever reasons in their pasts. There was nudity and sex once when I saw this show so definitely for adults only. I can find nothing uplifting, redeeming or fun about this show. If anything it is different - unlike anything on TV today but I found it very depressing and somber. Not what I would consider good “food” for Christians to fill themselves with.
Martha Hochuli, age 38

Law and Order

Usually Okay—I began watching this show a couple of months ago in reruns on cable. Since then, I've become hooked and I can't wait for the new season to start up. For a show that revolves around criminals and the justice system, this sure is a decent show! I can't recall any vulgarity and definitely no nudity (unlike NYPD Blue) and even the violence seems to be held to a minimum. There are excellent performances, especially by Sam Waterston who I used to love on the early 90s show I'll Fly Away. On this show, every performance of his is wonderful, but so are the other performances. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is equally as good, although they rely on more intense cases (like sexual assault) and this season we will be introduced to Law and Order: Criminal Intent, which will be from the criminals point of view. I just can't wait! All three shows though, feature different casts (but all are very talented). Its so refreshing to finally see quality entertainment in prime time.
Maggi, age 25
Usually Okay—This show is for adults. That being said - it is my favorite! It is intelligent and gripping, with episodes based on real headlines. As in real trials, all parties get their say, and it is always thought-provoking. Also the show is incredibly creative and well-acted.
Elizabeth, age 27
Caution—Always crisp and well-acted, but often uses its contrived fictional cases to take "politically correct" positions which portray all those concerned with homosexuality as bigots, those who believe in the right to own guns as crazies and thugs, anti-abortion protesters as extremists, etc… you get the idea. On the other hand, there was an episode where a young girl who was on death row for killing a female police officer experienced conversion in prison. The liberal anti-death-penalty crowd (including the D.A. who prosecuted) and a Christian political group both tried to prevent her execution; but she told them all to leave her alone, said she deserved to die for her past crimes and was ready. Her portrayal of a truly converted person was the first realistic one I've seen in a movie or TV drama in many years.
Brett Willis, age 49
Usually Okay—Though the situations involved are often sinful (it is about the fight against crime) the views of the main characters fairly represent both sides. When the bombing of an abortion clinic was the topic I expected to be offended. To my surprise one of the officers was pro-choice and the other pro-life. The pro-life view was very fairly portrayed by sane, reasonable, Christian characters. Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked.
Faith TenBrink, age 24
Caution—Occasionally strays into political/religious themes which always show Christians or religious persons in a bad light.
Scott Moore

Life Goes On

Usually Okay—I liked this show when it was on the air originally, but I am now enjoying it more as its being re-run on the PAX channel. The Thatcher family is a close knit one and I especially like Corky. Corky has Down's Syndrome, but receives full love and support from his family as he chooses to function as a “normal” person. In later episodes, Becca's (middle daughter) relationship with a boyfriend who is HIV positive from a one night stand is highlighted. Though not too much is concrete about abstinence, the friendship and commitment they share though his death is evident, is extremely touching. I would recommend this as a good family show.
Katrea Carbone, age 27
Comments from young people
Usually OkayLife Goes On is an excellent show that deals with real life problems by a family. I think we need some more shows like Life Goes On. Shows that don't portray "make-believe life" but the real life of a family.
Nathanael Worthington, age 17

Little House on the Prarie

Comments from young people
Usually Okay—In my opinion, "Little House on the Prairie" is the only worth-while production that network TV has come up with. In the early seasons, there are many Christian values represented, and excellent character traits (Husband leads, wife submits and follows, children respect and obey parents.

The Ingalls family is represented as God-fearing, honest, loving, caring, giving, long-suffering, hospitable, hard-working, pure, etc.). In the seasons toward the end of the show's 8-year run, it moves slightly toward more liberal viewpoints. Ma takes a job cooking in the town restaurant, Almonzo is seen as "stubborn and foolish" for not wanting Laura to work and help earn money to build their first home, etc. I can only recommend in good conscience the episodes from the first 5 seasons and the premier movie (*****) as quality, family, heart-warming, character-building entertainment. In a world where "7th Heaven"'s Camden family is looked upon by many as an example of Christianity (Lord, forgive us), "Little House" is a breath of fresh air.
Lacey Callahan, age 17

Little Men

Usually Okay—This wonderful family show is set in the 1880's and based on Louisa May Alcott's classic book "Little Men". It is filled with simple lessons and charming predicaments that will warm the heart. (Currently shown on PAX TV). If you're looking for an entertaining quality family show, "Little Men" is it!
Usually Okay—What a wonderful original program from the PAX Network for the entire family to enjoy! It is of course based (loosely) on the story of the same name by Louisa May Alcott about a young widow trying to run a school for boys after the death of her husband. My 9 year old son loves the interaction between the children (who I'd say are in their early to mid teens).

The Christian influence permeates this show through prayer at mealtimes, church attendance and just the spirit of the characters themselves but more direct references to God would be welcomed. There is respect from the adults to the children as well as from the children to the adults and even though the setting is the late 1800's some very relevant topics are explored. This is a drama with some romance and even a little action for the adults and lots of fun times and kid stuff for everyone to enjoy. For what it's worth, this program has my highest recommendation.
Teri Webb, age 44

Lizzie McGuire

Los Luchadores

Usually Okay—This show brings back memories of the good old days of wrestling - when there were heroes in the ring. Lobo Fuerte is an excellent role model. The action is also less violent than Power Rangers. Plus, the main characters always caution the audience against performing wrestling moves untrained at the end of every show. I'd gladly watch this with my kids any day of the week.
Jesse Mendoza, age 35

Lost in Space

Usually Okay—While I haven't seen the new movie, this show still runs on the Sci-fi channel and was my favorite as a child. While there aren't any of the many creatures that are portrayed on the show, it is a good source for families and children because John Robinson is a model father to his children. It is funny at times as well as entertaining. I recommend it to all children and families.
Darlene Gantt-Pineiro, age 36
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The Lost World

Avoid—I saw part of an episode of this new late-night show last weekend (January 2000). It's (loosely) based on the novel by the spiritualist Arthur Conan Doyle, not on the Michael Crichton movie. Involves some explorers trapped on a plateau where dinosaurs and ape-men live. Besides the violence and the scantily-clad women, there was occult content (Druid priests who travel in time, and invisible/shape-shifter beings). If this episode is typical, the show as a whole probably touches on every imaginable far-out sci-fi theme.
Brett Willis, age 49
Comments from young people
Usually Okay—Lost World is awesome, but the only bad part about it is the profanity and the little clothing the women wear!
Matthew, age 13